The stars of 'Fuller House' dish on season 3

Candace Cameron-Bure, Jodi Sweetin, Andrea Barber, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier open up about what's coming up next on the hit show.
7:09 | 09/18/17

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Transcript for The stars of 'Fuller House' dish on season 3
We are back now with the cast of "Fuller house." Hard to believe but they are celebrating their 30th anniversary of a fan favorite original "Full house" and now we're gearing up for season three of the new series. It's great to have Candace, great to have Jodie. Great to have Andrea, great to have Bob and Dave. Come on. 30th. 30th anniversary. They were -- these two were 9. How old were you? 35. We weren't even born. Yes. 30 years. What is it like? Where does the time go? She's taken over the reins as the clean neat freak. Happily. And she's taken over the reins of -- I don't know. Sort of uncle Jesse fun musician, a little bit wild aunt character. And she's kind of turned into Dave which is -- Well. Not as stinky as Dave. That's good to hear. Let's give everybody a sense. Here's a little sneak peek of season three. Would you just admit defeat, team Steve. She has found her perfect match in dreamy Dr. Matt. He is pretty dreamy. In fact, I had a dream about him last night. Whoo! We were folding laundry if you know what I mean. Tell me more. What? There's nothing more to tell. We were literally folding laundry. Wholesome. Fun. And, Candace, congratulations, teen choice award. Thank you very much. That was fun. I never thought in my 40s I'd be winning the teen choice. I didn't win one as a kid. It's grade and gives me cred with my own teenagers. It has to make you feel good. It feels credible. Such a testament to our fans who have been with us for 30 years and loved the original show and watching "Fuller house" now to know there is a whole new generation loving the new show and the old show. It's just -- it makes us so happy. We're so grateful? We got -- we won the kids choice, teen choice and people's choice award which was a huge -- I mean that was amazing for us and just such an honor. I am excited. I won the taster's choice award which is instant coffee. As you get older you want it to be quick. You've heard them all, Dave. I've known Bob since I was 18 years sgloeld that's what we told the judge. I was 22. We met in the comedy clubs. That's true. And then John Stamos can't be here. He's on tour with the beach boys. He sends his love. We have a message from him. I heard. We're going to finally meet your family. No, we're going to finally see the gibbler house. There's no family in it anywhere. I'm the gibbler and maybe Jimmy gib bler shows up. I've been wondering what this place looks like for 30 years. It's even weirder than I could even imagine. Really? Yeah. There are a lot of Easter E eggs when you watch that episode. Old things in that house that we don't point out. If you look carefully there's lots of fun little Easter eggs for the old fans to appreciate. Wonderful. We have he all imagine what had that house must look like and now we are going to get to see it in season three. You guys were in Japan and I hear that karaoke, yeah, this is going to you, Jodie. Bust out a tune. I won't -- She's awesome. Come on. Sing, okay. Yeah, I mean we had fun. I went car yoking I three types then I went there. Candace and I -- Scott went one night and then -- another time and I took -- I won Pablo and John another night and went out with our P.A.S from Japan and jet Franklin. A lot of dudes. Thanks, Bob. I'm parental. No, but it was really fun. In you do karaoke, you have to do it in Japan a lot. Cut it out. I see where you went there. That catchphrase, I love all the catchphrases from everyone but you kind of -- you borrowed it. I'm not going to say you stole it from a friend. I did steal it from my friend mark who has been my best buddy since I was 9 and he directs "The big bang theory" TV series and -- Yep. He directed a couple of "Fuller houses." And this show, as well and so I stole it from mark. We were a comedy team for about a week. That's how good we were and he used to do this mark suave character where he would unbutton his shirt and go up to a lady in the front row and say, I now what you're looking at now cut it out and I told him I'm totally going to steal that and he says to this day you still owe me. And actually became the catchphrase for the brosectomy company. See how I did that? I see what you did there. That was good. I like that. Nice one. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We just went full circle. Oh. Come on. A drop the Mike moment. But the other -- you got it, dude was the other catchphrase and a lot of people are wondering are we going to see Michele? Someone has spilled the beans? I think you'll see beans. That's about it. You guys are good. They're not even looking in my eyes right now. Looking down. You're a very beautiful woman. Thank you, Bob. But we do have that message -- I had to ask. John Stamos, you said it. He's with the beach boys right now but he has this message for everybody. Ah. We're in San Francisco and -- Nobody around to see us. Nobody is here. No streets. Realize what kind of iconic moment this is. Hi. Hi. But now we make a right. She didn't know us here. She didn't care. She totally was like, who is that? We were shooting a promo and Bob was supposed to stop and just kept going. Oh, my gosh. We just drove all around. Nobody even recognized us. That is not true. Not true. Bob was driving and he was like should I stop. No, let's go. Keep going. All right. We just kept driving around. I should not be driving a car with these people. No. You know what is so wonderful. It's so genuine. You can tell you have such love and respect for one another. It's an act. It's all an act. No, we really do love each other. That's right. How do you all do it? They bail you out when you

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{"id":49920330,"title":"The stars of 'Fuller House' dish on season 3","duration":"7:09","description":"Candace Cameron-Bure, Jodi Sweetin, Andrea Barber, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier open up about what's coming up next on the hit show.","url":"/GMA/video/stars-fuller-house-dish-season-49920330","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}