Stars give advice to younger selves for mental health campaign

The Child Mind Institute is getting word out about mental health with its Speak Up for Kids #MyYoungerSelf campaign, in which celebrities are sharing advice they would give their younger selves to deal with everyday struggles.
6:33 | 05/31/17

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Transcript for Stars give advice to younger selves for mental health campaign
And we have a wonderful audience with us in times square this morning. Yes, we do. And we're going to start off with something from the child mind institute. It helps treat kids and they have a campaign going on this month called #myyoungerself with celebs sharing advice they'd give their younger selves. I want 0 show you a little bit. What I would say to my younger self, it's okay. It does get better. I'm not alone. You can get help. There's light. Everyone experiences a version of anxiety or worry in their lives. There's nothing to be ashamed of. I would tell my younger self there is no shame in asking a teacher for help. Don't be afraid to talk to people. You're so Normal, it's great. Good luck. Never ever give up. 3 million views for that already. We've all done this. So we're going to flip everything around. Michael from Maryland. What kind of advice do you want to give to your younger self. I'd tell my younger -- applause. I'd say don't grow up too fast because you know adulting is hard. That's great advice. That's a good one. And Cindy from new port rich think, Florida. The advice to my younger self is be as confident as you can early on as possible and don't let others make you feel any differently. Just be confident. A lot of good advice. This is a great campaign. Going to help a lot of people. Get more information on it, speak up for All right, thank you. That's a great thing, George. Thank you for that. You know our next guest from the electrifying HBO show "The leftovers" and he's here to talk about the highly anticipated series finale. Please welcome Justin Theroux, everybody. Hi. Welcome. Thanks for coming. Good to see you. Pleasure to meet you. Good to see you too. How you doing? That's yours. How are you? Good. How are you doing? Thanks for coming in. Thank you for having me. You know on the season finale, Sunday, fans are dying to know what's going on. Well, it's one of those awkward things where we're not allowed to talk about what's going on but I'm very happy. We can't show anything. They wouldn't give you a clip. Can you tell us what's not going to happen. I can tell you exactly what's not going to happen. You can go to the HBO website and you can look it up and this is what it says. It goes, it says the book of Nora is the final episode of "The leftovers." Nothing is answered. Everything is answered and then it ends. Wow. So there you have it. Fair question, are the fans going to be happy? Well, I can say this, I can say that I was very happy with the way the show ended. I mean enormously. Can I follow up and ask does Jennifer know. Jennifer does not know what's going to happen. Really. She's a fan of the show so she didn't want any spoilers. She wouldn't even run lines with me. That much of a pan. This is exciting. Wouldn't even work on it with me. Speaking of working on the show you and the co-creator are very close but usually when you're close that means pranks or something like that. Are they -- do they prank you on set in they don't prank me on set. They prank me in the writing usually or they'll force me to do things I don't want to do like drown me, shoot me. We're really good friends, by the way. Speaking of pranks we saw a video, Jimmy Kimmel obviously one of your dear friends. Yeah. That was unbelievable what he did to your car. Do we have the video. Yeah, there you go. For your Theroux consideration. Never give Jimmy Kimmel your car keys. That's really your car. Yeah. Look, he put an Emmy on the front. I know. So, what is this you're working on with Jimmy. We're tossing around an idea of -- we always wanted to work together, do something. He has -- we both came up with wouldn't it be fun to bring back old sit comes in some way so we sort of looked into the legalities of it and it's relatively easy to get old scripts from old sitcoms like "Different strokes". Oh, my gosh, please. Make it happen. "Seinfeld" and do -- get really funny actors, will Ferrell and do them live. You know, so sort of words and all -- That's a good idea. You're funny yourself. "Wander lust." You and my mom. So what is your favorite sitcom of all time? You better say "For examples." "Friends." Just helping you out. Of course, I do love "Friends." I did like "Diff'rent strokes." I thought -- "Facts of life." "Family ties". That's really old but -- I know. I was watching when I was 4. No, I really liked those kind of show, you know. You know, speaking of your wife Jennifer, you two are coming up on your two-year anniversary. Yeah, we are. So nations on that. And any special plans or like "The leftovers," you won't tell us anything in I am not going to tell you anything. Especially about our anniversary. Everything happens, nothing happens. And it never ends. We'll probably do something quiet of thes that what we like to do. Quiet is always good. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with that. We appreciate you coming out here, man. I mean, big, big fan. Thank you. Big fan of the show. We don't know what's going on in this show. Thanks for telling us nothing. We want to know everything. We do know this, it is worth the wait. Oh, yes. I will say that. I will agree with that, yeah. We'll find out that 2% of world's population went to covfefe. See, it is covfefe. That was nice. You can watch the season

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{"duration":"6:33","description":"The Child Mind Institute is getting word out about mental health with its Speak Up for Kids #MyYoungerSelf campaign, in which celebrities are sharing advice they would give their younger selves to deal with everyday struggles.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"47733393","title":"Stars give advice to younger selves for mental health campaign ","url":"/GMA/video/stars-give-advice-younger-mental-health-campaign-47733393"}