How Do You Start Your Morning?

Sara Haines and Ginger Zee share how they like to wake up in the morning.
2:13 | 05/08/14

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Transcript for How Do You Start Your Morning?
Wait to have you told us how you start today as we did this when he when you -- here about what's the first thing you do when you get up. First thing I do I get up -- they fell and right away I find out where notices inside their -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- he's not supposed to -- And then he looks at me like is this time we have to get up now hope it's the spot and gets squeezed his face and making very uncomfortable thinking that cleaning your dog their old when you have to wake them up yes. I cannot make mine up and tell him it's time to go and yet they looking like -- creek my ears -- yes my first thing I do I had been. Pressing news it was a bad -- around him but I read this -- an article on how to create new habits when you have it is great when my alarm goes off my hot bath and with a good attitude and I walked the -- immediately -- -- It worked wind and let's say that's at halftime hop look like creating -- -- hit. I decided it can't be negative because normally I -- a little and I get mad and I wonder why -- -- he'd eat crap out of things played through your head before I ever get sometimes sometimes spend tells me. Pay your alarm has gone off six times -- like I'm. Yeah it's like nighttime -- what temperature alarm -- -- -- yet that's not fun at all now. And whenever that's how we start Saturday we want to know how you start your day he's started tweeting athletes -- wonderful using the hash -- start my day GMA so let's take a look this plan. The first -- Laurie Alvin. -- -- -- -- -- -- higher and may. Because I live in a -- how to hold an Ohio it. What is now it's not today in the eighties. And that's just how she -- about hiring made -- -- in -- went from Vanessa cast Castaneda. Showing how she gets things off just slow start in her home my son every morning only got -- he's fully clothed in laying in his chair. That's like we're almost there and -- -- have made bail has. Negatives and we have a market -- -- at last not least coach Brian starting your day with his angry cat carrying him for ten minutes and that's how angry that's just someone that's come green. And a little angry at the same time it's a cute little thing Hannah helped him with cuts -- -- -- give us someone that we cannot -- -- and eat we -- have to eat before I do very so much just. -- --

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{"id":23639295,"title":"How Do You Start Your Morning?","duration":"2:13","description":"Sara Haines and Ginger Zee share how they like to wake up in the morning.","url":"/GMA/video/start-morning-23639295","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}