NBA Finals Head to Game 7

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry fouled out of the game in Cleveland on Thursday night.
2:45 | 06/17/16

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Transcript for NBA Finals Head to Game 7
Lara, you have the story everyone is talking about, how much sleep did you get. I couldn't look away. Dramatic game Steph curry ejected as king James led the cavaliers to victory trouncing the golden state warriors tying the series 3-3, so now they are headed for the game seven showdown. Good news for ABC's T.J. Holmes who is in Cleveland with more. T.j., how about you? Any sleep? Just a little bit but we can't believe what we're seeing right now. For the first time in 50 years a team has come back from 3-1 down to force a game seven in the finals and saw Lebron James become the fifth player to put back-to-back 40-point games in the final and Steph curry got kicked out of a game. We ain't never seen that before. Rebound. And a foul on curry and curry is going to hit with a technical. Reporter: The two-time mvp simply lost it. Steph curry was ejected in the fourth quarter of game six of the NBA finals after tossing his mouthpiece hitting a fan. I had some stuff I wanted to get off my chest after the game and how it went and that was it. Curry can't get it to fall. Reporter: It was a frustrating night from the start for curry as Lebron James had another huge performance for the Cleveland cavaliers. Alley-oop to James. Reporter: Scoring 41 but also defending and doing a little jawing at curry. Says to the two-time mvp, get it out of here. Reporter: The Cavs once down 3-1 had tied the series at three games apiece to deciding a game seven in Oakland. I'll take it. Don't matter to me. I told you guys the other day, two of the greatest words in the world, that's game seven so I'll play it anywhere. Reporter: Curry who upset about foul calls did go over and apologize to the fan he hit with the mouthpiece but curry's wife ayesha was also apologizing after the game for sending this tweet in which she suggested the quote was absolutely rigged for money or ratings. Now, she did ale Po just for that tweet and deleted it and said she was in the heat of the moment. I do need to address, do not worry there is no chance they are going to suspend Steph curry for that toss of that mouthpiece. There is precedent for this and probably get a fine but the NBA is not crazy enough to suspend Steph curry for game seven against Lebron James. That would not have gone over well. NBA according to T.J. Holmes. And we like it. Thanks, T.J. He's got the best gig in the whole -- we last saw him four weeks ago when this all started. All right. You can see by the way game seven of the NBA finals, I can stay up, Sunday night, oh, no, it's Sunday night on ABC. Yikes. Now to ginger.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry fouled out of the game in Cleveland on Thursday night.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39927673","title":"NBA Finals Head to Game 7","url":"/GMA/video/steph-curry-fouls-nba-finals-head-game-39927673"}