Student Wins Case Against Controlling Parents

Legal analyst Dan Abrams discusses the unique stalking order court case out of Ohio.
2:58 | 12/28/12

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Transcript for Student Wins Case Against Controlling Parents
More on this case let's bring in -- legal analyst Dan Abrams and Dan where to begin mean this. Is a very unusual case have you ever heard of it. Age daughters suing her parents and not for restraining order like this and getting it what would truly sad about this case -- you've got parents who agreed to pay the tuition. For their daughter because they wanted her to go to the best school -- she got a scholarship offers at other schools or parents admitted no you know what we want to pay you to go to the best school. So she goes. And then the problems start so no matter how you view this case it's incredibly -- and the parents have made some pretty as startling allegations against her own daughter saying she uses drugs saying she's promiscuous. Because she actually filed criminal charges against them -- could she sued them for saying that she's doing drugs -- it's not true sure. I can't imagine that's where she wants to go right now to get the sense she wants to get her parents. Out of her life if if you think of this not as parents but as a 21 year old right who has people who are following her. Who are spying on her who are. Saying things about her which are incredibly negative to the people at her school again and again and again. It starts to steal a little bit different we talk about parents yes if this was at fifteen year old or sixteen year old you're talking about looking at their FaceBook account. Parents do that all the time when you're talking but a 21 year old who was at -- at college. And you're saying they're literally following every 10 week watching -- following what she does in her computer etc. That's a different level and I think that's why. The court which as you pointed out. Almost never would get involved in this kind of case indeed getting -- in this particular so Dan then how the parents being monitored and -- happen. If they start trying to the there -- -- Or closely watched or -- they could be in big trouble I mean look it they're not going to be as deputy surveillance on them etc. but. If if she reports that her parents have violated the order. That they've come back to the school they've done something else like that. They could be in real criminal troubles they have to be very careful here. About what they did if she -- under the age of eighteen would this be appropriate would this even be a criminal issue it would be a very different story she lived in the home. Under the age of eighteen under the parents care parents have enormous ability to do things that ordinary people can't do. But that doesn't apply to when someone is an adult. Even though I will say that's. Even if she were a child some of the things that are alleged here. At least there would be concerns about balancing the criminal law would be stepping in -- there would be school there would be school officials that the other should be sick parents. What's going on here take a step back. And -- -- the sorts of allegations she's making also not to sneak into her. But going to school officials and others and saying you know she's mentally ill were thinking about having -- committed at center -- what if that stuff isn't true. It's dangerous stuff do you save some time Dan Abrams thanks much we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Legal analyst Dan Abrams discusses the unique stalking order court case out of Ohio.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18081763","title":"Student Wins Case Against Controlling Parents","url":"/GMA/video/student-wins-restraining-order-case-controlling-helicopter-parents-18081763"}