Subway Footlong Sandwiches Come Up Short

John Muller measures length of famed sandwich chain's bread.
2:26 | 01/20/13

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Transcript for Subway Footlong Sandwiches Come Up Short
And finally, ay is firing back in the fight over its foot long subs. It turns out not all foot long sandwiches are created equal. Abc's john muller will explain. 5 foot long ♪ Reporter: It's a controversy that continues to grow. Are subway foot long sandwiches really 12 inches long. If not should they be. Get any footlong. Reporter: Started with this photo posted by a customer in australia who noticed his was only 11 inches, the post went viral. I think size matters. 5 footlong, promises, promises. Reporter: Earlier in the week subway which operates 38,000 stories worldwide said of the infamous 11-inch footlong. This bread is clearly not baked to our standards. Later a post on their site said subway footlong is a registered trademark as a descriptive name for the name sold in subways and not intended to be a measure of length but long not intended to be a measure of length. What would jared say about that. I interviewed the head of baking for subway restaurants worldwide. They're following the baking procedures and should get the 12 inches out of the oven every single time. Reporter: What procedures, i asked repeatedly for specifics but didn't get very far. That's what we strive for consistency and get 12 inches of a bread every time they come out of an oven. Reporter: We'll blow the lid off this and see who measures up. Four subway footlongs and rulers and tape measures in fairness to subway we brought these overnight, they're hours old. Could be some shrinkage accounted for. Bianna, how big is yours. Investigative journalism. Yes, exactly right. It's a little bent. I would say it's a little over 11. Really. So not a foot but, you know -- ron. Definitely a foot, yeah. All right. Exactly 12. I measure my, it's 11 1/2. 11 1/2 and I measured mine and I'll do it again, about a foot on the nose. There you go. 11 1/2, 12. A tempest in a teapot, i suppose. Theinciple. Subway brought in other sandwiches we bought these, these are the ones subway brought and they all measured 12, as well. They're big either way so it's a lot -- origami with a turkey on that. I feel like my whole journalism career has been building to this moment.

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{"id":18263362,"title":"Subway Footlong Sandwiches Come Up Short","duration":"2:26","description":"John Muller measures length of famed sandwich chain's bread.","url":"/GMA/video/subway-footlong-sandwiches-short-18263362","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}