Summer BBQ Grill-Off Pits Lara Spencer Against Ginger Zee

ABC anchors debut Spencer's Spicy Steak Supreme against Zee's Spice-Zee Buffalo Wings.
4:56 | 06/10/15

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Transcript for Summer BBQ Grill-Off Pits Lara Spencer Against Ginger Zee
Each member of the "Gma" anchor team will bring that ultimate barbecue favorites. We had George's grilled Greek sensation and robin's bacon burger. Both delicious and robin is not kidding around. She told us yesterday she has her sights set on that golden spatula trophy. Out of my dressing room right now. You heard me, George stephanopoulos, you're going down, Lara, ginger, Amy, everybody. Really? Cranking up the trash talk. Thank you for anybody in case they missed it to replay it again. I really appreciate it. Just a reminder for everybody out there. This morning we're burning up the backyard because Lara and ginger are going to get their place at the picnic table so you guys ready to do this. Lara, we tart with you. Do you mind if I go first. Please. Let's get a drum roll quick. Okay, lift that grill. Ooh. What do we have here? I spilled. Mm-mm. This is Spencer's spicy steak supreme. I love skirt steak. It's a lean cut. It cooks very fast. I use a mix of spices, a lot of garlic, cumin, salt, nutmeg. Oil if it's not on the picnic table and mix it together and marinate and do not cook it too long. You can see I just love skirt steak, thin strips -- Not very expensive. I love it. Fast and I do the garden city salad. This is an homage to my homeland on Long Island and this is a really delicious chop salad with pine nuts, avocado, chickpeas, I like to do cat leanny beans in it. Big mixed salad. You will all have some to taste and I have a special -- Sizzling edition. Check out what your basket bonus item is -- are you ready? All right. Let's see. Oh. [ Supreme to "The Addams family" ] Thank you very much. We got a glove with your name on it. Winning, winning. So, Lara, what do we have here? What are we calling this? The Long Island nice tea. This is a refreshing cocktail -- homage to the classic -- it does have a little kick in it. There's a tiny bit of cayenne. Had a real Long Island ice tea, that has a kick in it too so this was my way. Very good idea. Cheers. Ginger also champing at the bit to get us at the picnic table. The drink was very good. It's got that kick. I'm ready. Drum roll, please. Bang! Wow. Lifting that grill, ginger, talk to us about what you got in ginger's spice-zee Buffalo wings. A wing girl. Now you may want to pack extra napkins but so worth it. When it comes to Buffalo wings you got to get a little spice and the marinade is everything. You can smell that from here. Delicious. Right into your nostrils so you cook the chicken in lemon, olive oil -- I'm guess I'm doing this, lemon, olive oil, throw them on the grill and have sriracha, that will make the hot come out, butter and sweet and spicy smell of success. You can really, really smell the heat emanating off and, of course, we have -- Please do. Our basket bonus item over here. Ginger, ready to reveal? I'm ready. Paula, get out of the way eating wings. Uh-huh. Dessert. Rounding out the meal something from home. We grow strawberries and rhubarb on our farm at home so this is a sweet and delicious pie. Very nice. Great. We got to have ice cream. Always a very good idea. Guy, I got to say this is extremely exciting. I want to turn everybody's attention real quick over here to our picnic table board where we got to add a couple of names. Here's Lara and ginger getting their spots set on the table, as well. So Lara, I'll put you right there. Ginger, I'm putting you right over here. Beautiful. And as we can see, still room at the head of the table. Only one of us will be crowned and still two barbecue favorites are still to come. You can find all of these recipes on line at on Yahoo! Tell us on Facebook what you think, as well.

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"ABC anchors debut Spencer's Spicy Steak Supreme against Zee's Spice-Zee Buffalo Wings.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31661058","title":"Summer BBQ Grill-Off Pits Lara Spencer Against Ginger Zee","url":"/GMA/video/summer-bbq-grill-off-pits-lara-spencer-ginger-31661058"}