30-Second Tip to Look Slimmer In Your Swimsuit

Glamour magazine's Ying Chu provides simple ways to bring out your beach beauty this summer.
3:21 | 07/11/13

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Transcript for 30-Second Tip to Look Slimmer In Your Swimsuit
It feels like 1u78er out here. That means it's time to head back to the beach. We want to look our best. Our friends at "glamour" magazine have come up with five beach body instant fixes that will have you looking your best in a flash. The executive beauty director of "glamour" is here with tips and products to bring out our beach beauty. Thank you for being with us. Thanks for having me. What I like to call the first product is insta sculpting in a tube. It's very pretty. It can give you fake muscles in 30 seconds. Exactly. You're prepared to sem berate this on paula, right? Really, it's just a little bit of glow. You want to put it in the indents of your muscles. Clearly, you don't need any. It creates an abooptical illusion, right? No. But you can look like a bronze goddess outside of the cool. What do you do about embarrassing breakouts. You have a fix. In the summer, we're sweating a little more. Our pores are getting clogged. You don't know you have a break outuntil you put on the bathing suit. I like the lancome instant flash bronzer. It masks any redness or bumps. It's like makeup for your body. In a few hours, it will be permanent. Another big issue, banishing that unwanted bloat. The ten-minute miracle here. If you had -- none of you ladies need this -- come on. We just had sandwiches. This clarins body firming, it has seaweed and gets the blood flowing. It's great. We're going to make ourselves look a little firmer. You have something for our legs specifically. In the glamour and beauty department, you should decide to pick it up. We do best with dry brushing. You want a stiff brush. And you want to rub your arms and your legs in circular motions. Eight circular motions in every spot. What that does is it gets the water out of -- it flushes out toxins. And you get instant flattening. The appearance of cellulite. It's a great trick. The french love it. You do this in the shower. Before you get into the shower. Oh. Then you can put on a slimming lotion and it maintains the effects. And real quickly, going to the beach until last second. And maybe we have a little trouble. How do you fix that? When you don't have time, i just learned this trick. I love. Dry oil. You rub it on. And it has a little bit of glisten. But it actually makes -- softens the hair, flattens them out. And your legs look goddess-like. And you don't have to worry about the stubble. More tips online. Check that out.

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{"id":19638002,"title":"30-Second Tip to Look Slimmer In Your Swimsuit","duration":"3:21","description":"Glamour magazine's Ying Chu provides simple ways to bring out your beach beauty this summer.","url":"/GMA/video/summer-beach-fashion-tips-30-tip-slimmer-swimsuit-19638002","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}