Pull Off Celebrity Looks Despite Heat, Budget

Lucky magazine's Lori Bergamotto reveals four hot summer styles that will go easy on your wallet.
3:26 | 07/17/13

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Transcript for Pull Off Celebrity Looks Despite Heat, Budget
Speaking of fa everybody, it's hot out here today. Perfect day to wear a bathing suit. However, we're going to talk about clothing for gals. Not always easy to look stunning in the heat. But celebrities pull it off. If you don't have a super clothing budget, this is the gal that can help you. "Lucky" magazine's lori bergamotto is with us. Let's start with beyonce. We love her style at "lucky." And we think it's great that she mixes the print with the leopard bag. How did she do this? The bag alone is gucci, almost $3,000. We got every piece under $100. The boller hat. And all about this skirt. Really full, really fun. Will you reveal the price, please? 33.94. Amazing. A pencil skirt's amazing. And the leopard with the floral. Way to do it. Beyonce, great personal style. That's what we're talking about at "lucky." Get it and make it happen. If nothing else, if you can't find any of the look, you can combine those two. The prints. That's not something I would have thought to do. Next up, miranda kerr. She makes casual so cool. Everything on her is very expensive. Let's bring our model, lauren, out. We gave her the same vibe with the -- those are parker sunglasses. And the dress, reveal the price. Under $50. It's the same silhouette. Fun way to stay cool. And the whole look together, everything on is inexpensive? Everything on her is under $100. You can't beat it. Love that dress, though. It's like a racer back. Our next celebrity look always does it right. Here you go. Reese witherspoon. Is that shorts or a little skirt? That's a skirt. We'll show you how we copied the look. It's all-white with a splash of color. As you're doing today. But what we did on maura, that blazer from h&m is so hot right now. 49.95. And the clutch -- let me see the line on that. That's great. And the necklace, under 10 bucks. Great shoes, too. Maybe 20 seconds left. So, rihanna. Rihanna, always so hip. Totally. And what I love about the look that we were inspired by, you'll come out. Come on out. You want to wear the crop top, this is how you can do it. A higher wasted jean. It's a hologram bag is going to be the accessory that takes over 2013. Show us how much we got that. 52. And it's hot right now. But it's a great vestment. I did not know that. I learned a lot in this segment. Holograms, flowers, animal prints. All of that information, available to you. Thank you, models. On goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! Thank you so much, lori bergamotto, to find out where the celebrity looks came from.

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{"id":19687086,"title":"Pull Off Celebrity Looks Despite Heat, Budget","duration":"3:26","description":"Lucky magazine's Lori Bergamotto reveals four hot summer styles that will go easy on your wallet.","url":"/GMA/video/summer-fashion-hot-celeb-budget-19687086","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}