Refreshing Gazpacho Soup Perfect for Summer

Emily Osment, the star of ABC Family's "Young and Hungry," and Gabi Moskowitz, the blogger who inspired the series, whip up this delicious dish.
4:27 | 07/16/14

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Transcript for Refreshing Gazpacho Soup Perfect for Summer
K and Gabby not and I'm here at my friend Emily Matt Elam and we are here on the fact that young and hungry and we're gonna do. From cooking we're gonna make one of my favorite -- It's easy to make summer -- Our pilot deal that would do I am ready for ever -- So this is one of my favorite things to make parents a variety of reasons there's not super easy to -- much -- blender that the first thing we're gonna do. To have this beautiful little Beatty waterfront. And I'm just payment cut -- -- -- -- son of -- this recipe is that not only. We and it is in the watermelon eating watermelons are actually -- become our Apple's. In order to keep them from knocking over just make a flat little base like that. So. We're gonna do it it's just basically -- that and and they can't get it right here in Atlanta there and what you wanna do it believed. A border because this is they're going to be our faults we don't want to skip to would be -- just -- -- The darker red though it's nice but I think that the sweetness of -- -- -- really nicely with the sweetness of the dismayed analysts. And then that part excerpt from the other ingredients we're gonna added. The base here is going to be used to some three -- Houston. Just regular campaign -- and and a carton. At that and has got spot and is traditionally a tomato based soup -- -- and we're gonna hold as of executed after OK if you roll your time. Before you cut it. It's really can't -- it hopes to get the most cute Saturday took credit. In -- and cleaning and care for just got to put half of the chop up vegetables and article the other half and the ones we carry. -- dreaming of when they're not giving him father and -- -- the -- -- -- And that's just some shops of salons around behind. Which I love you Sandra person does want to yes legitimate offered visits this -- actually both comic vinegar and -- this is gonna do. Sounds like you know it's a trick question and wall of cynicism and a -- -- actually I think give it a little bit by. But today they always excellent that -- you always the lid it. That's right Clinton and her -- -- chocolate just. It's not everything that's made is usually is pretty salty I'm not gonna get too much. Well kept park you peppered her son -- peppered his solid season we had on them. Yes he is -- the other great either of their -- him big renters pay down its -- out. -- houses that. Yes brands write its profits through the madness -- back payments -- -- RA. -- another and to -- higher before it. Right into Ireland watermelon. -- Graves that sponsor and equipment that smile off some IRA an -- just garnish Atlanta. A little bit of those have -- and has -- count to ex I'm has been -- about the lockup and is a little bit. -- access the launcher on top and men. But -- contract for -- saying you if you can't see an ingredient that has a prominent flavor I liked him hop. My -- with a little bit. Whatever -- an answer so that you don't have that Salina man. So I'm -- think -- shooting case I would -- -- made it apparent problem. Tell -- about -- Okay. IRA -- parents. How well again I was nice and some -- Get it but I -- like that thought it was going to be a lot more to immediately in -- and it's very it's very breath. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know watermelon. Villagers and -- -- ambulances and emily's mom -- -- and learned he can thank you so much for -- me as well. As well and two young hungry on ABC family on Wednesdays at 8 central unit companion.

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"Emily Osment, the star of ABC Family's \"Young and Hungry,\" and Gabi Moskowitz, the blogger who inspired the series, whip up this delicious dish.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24592856","title":"Refreshing Gazpacho Soup Perfect for Summer","url":"/GMA/video/summer-recipes-refreshing-gazpacho-soup-perfect-summer-24592856"}