Super Bowl 2013: New Football Technology

With the serious threat of concussions, NFL turns to tech to help save lives.
2:18 | 02/02/13

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Transcript for Super Bowl 2013: New Football Technology
america" countdown to the super bowl. For the players, it's very serious business and a threat of a major concussion always hangs over the action. Abc's jim avila has this exclusive look at this new cutting-edge technology that could save lives. Reporter: At sports labs across the country, the race is on to find products that protect the brain and that can actually athletes of imminent concussion and brain damage. This is equivalent of running full speed and hitting a fully immoveable object. Reporter: Reebok and mc 10 just developed this mesh cap. It's worn underneath head gear lined with sensors that monitor the strength and number of hits to the head in any contact sport. Using green, yellow and red lights to warn teammates, coaches, trainers, even parents in the stands of serious impact. So if I'm in the huddle, I would see this blinking light. Yeah, I might say, jimmy, are you okay? Reporter: It's called check light. Think of it as an extra set of eyes. Reporter: He played in the nfl for eight seasons and said that this new warning system will help players stand up to the culture that urges them to play through damaging hits. It takes the issue of toughness out of it. This objective measure. Reporter: Matt vishg of the baltimore ravens said that they have an obligation to make it safely. He's donated his brain after death. It's not like a broken bone or something that's very evident to the eye or to a medical doctor and so, this device gives you instant feedback. Reporter: Jim avila, abc news, washington. An issue that the president would talk about it. Another story line leading up to the big line, for the

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{"id":18385184,"title":"Super Bowl 2013: New Football Technology","duration":"2:18","description":"With the serious threat of concussions, NFL turns to tech to help save lives.","url":"/GMA/video/super-bowl-2013-football-technology-18385184","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}