Super Bowl 2014: Ultimate Game Day Grub Contest

These super fans kick off the festivities with a football food frenzy.
3:00 | 01/27/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Super Bowl 2014: Ultimate Game Day Grub Contest
More than 100 million viewers are expected to watch the super bowl on Sunday. They'll be stuffing their faces with plenty of food. Not just wings, nachos, chips, guac. Game day, some folks get crazy. Or creative. Check it out. It's the ultimate day of gridiron glory. On the field and in the kitchen. Let's face it, Americans take the game-day eats seriously. Spending more than $50 million annually. That's roughly 11 million pounds of chips. 69 million pounds of avocado. 1.23 billion chicken wings. For 47 layer dip to nacho lasagna, chicken wing cup cakes. The sky's the limit. For extremists, the snack-adiu murk M. We asked you for your submissions. Go big or go home beef tenderloin sandwiches. Now, we enter the final quarter of the game day grub contest and leave you to huddle up to your computer to vote on the finalist just in time for a game-winning score. Ah, but before you can vote, we need to introduce the first two quarter finalists in "Gma's" ultimate game day grub contest. Come on in here. Let's go. Though these are actually semifinalists. It's the final four. This is from Anna, her taco ring recipe. It's a crescent roll. Stuffing, meat of your choice. A garnish. A dipping sauce. It's a taco inside of a crescent roll. You're right. You can have all your accoutrements. Nicely done. Semifinalist number two. This is from donna of California. A corn bread cheesy chili cup. When you cut it open, it's a savory surprise. This is terrific. I'm a big fan of the cup. Of anything with a cup. A cup. Pretty good, too. You like it? Yeah, we're neck and neck. Weigh in. I think the taco ring might be -- hey, it's close. Donna, we love it. Look at the recipes. Vote today. And so, in our first semifinal, will it be the taco ring from ft. Worth Texas. The cornbread cheesy chili cups from California? Log on, on Yahoo!. We'll have a winner. Another semifinal tomorrow.

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{"id":22212932,"title":"Super Bowl 2014: Ultimate Game Day Grub Contest","duration":"3:00","description":"These super fans kick off the festivities with a football food frenzy.","url":"/GMA/video/super-bowl-2014-ultimate-game-day-grub-contest-22212932","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}