Super Model Miranda Kerr Is a Super Mom

The former Victoria's Secret angel talks about co-parenting with Orlando Bloom.
3:00 | 04/07/14

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Transcript for Super Model Miranda Kerr Is a Super Mom
smarter. In thanks, Sara. Miranda Kerr is now a single mom after splitting with Orlando bloom and opening up but how they're co-parenting together and hoi they're really good friends and ABC's Mara schiavocampo is here with more. Reporter: She's building an empire adding a number of new campaigns to her resume and also learning to manage co-parenting with her ex-orlando bloom and shared pretty unique beauty secrets. She's the girl from down under at the top of the modeling world. Miranda Kerr fast becoming one of the country's most recognizable faces working like Reeb reebok, Calvin Klein, wonder bra and H&M. Miami Randa Kerr and new face of H&M. Making her the second highest paid in 2014 raking in $7.2 million. It's an empire she says is built on a solid spiritual foundation. Thoughts inside really soy when you feel good inside Yo yourself and will be more energized. She is much more than a model these days. She's also a mom to 3-year-old Flynn, her son with actor Orlando bloom. Did you feel a lot of pressure to bounce back quickly as a model. I had to sur represent Der to the fact that maybe my we had would never get back in shape. This days she's co-parenting with bloom. They announced they were splitting after three years of marriage but says they stayed friends in this unexpected red carpet last month. You look amazing. Thanks. How is that working out? It is good. I think it's to have two happy parents and he's really happy and he's a great dad and I feel line lucky having him in my life. She launched Cora with her best kept beauty secrets. One of my secrets is a super food -- Noni. What is it called. Noni. N-o-n-I. I apply it on my face. 10vitamins and minerals and drinking it since I was 12. The supermodel is also a social media star with more than 3.5 million instagram followers so I couldn't resist asking about these important selfies. Do you have your tips? Light something key. It's the good lighting. Find your light. Find your light. In more ways than one. So this is her current beauty secret. We have it as a juice. That's cousin a coffee and a lot of cultures use it to treat a bunch of diseases so we can taste it. Maybe we'll all look like -- Will this make me look like Miranda Kerr. She said she's been -- Nothing will get me this sear. So you taste it. Whoo! No, it's awesome. It's terrible. Hopefully the beauty benefits outdo the -- hose rip oil and said it's good for anti-aging so I'll slather this stuff under my eyes. And a little tastier than this year. Coming up next pharrell is live on the roof ready to make

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{"id":23219742,"title":"Super Model Miranda Kerr Is a Super Mom","duration":"3:00","description":"The former Victoria's Secret angel talks about co-parenting with Orlando Bloom.","url":"/GMA/video/super-model-miranda-kerr-super-mom-23219742","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}