Super Typhoon Hits in the Philippines

Popular tourist destinations face hard hitting storm.
3:00 | 11/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Super Typhoon Hits in the Philippines
We turn, now, to the supertyph supertyphoon, one of the most powerful storms to ever hit land, destroying homes and taking lives in the philippines. One of the worst-hit spots, popular tourist destinations for americans. Ginger zee is on the story right now. We're going to hear from a tourist that was struck there. Couldn't get out. But a lot of the streets in the villages and other spots look like this. Debris-filled and a mess. As the supertyphoon is pulling off to the west, the philippines are trying to figure out what happenedbehind this epic storm. Wading through after being washed away. What does it look like? Washed out. The buildings, the house, everything. Reporter: We know at least 100 are dead. The central philippines this morning, devastated by what will likely go down as the most powerful typhoon in recorded history to make landfall. It was those wild 195-mile-per-hour winds, the chaos it caused, waves over 20 feet. Watch this guy, just barely outrunning it. Norm shriver, an american, who was trapped in a hotel, was forced to ride it out. The tin roofs fly off. They're like projectiles. And the winds got to the point where you had to brace yourself. It was blowing you around. Reporter: As the compact typhoon screams toward vietnam, our gloria riviera, is behind it in the philippines. It's tents, blankets, food, it's water. This is the only kind of aircraft that can get where it needs to go. Reporter: With power and communication out for millions, there's so much left to learn about exactly what has happened behind haiyan. How are the people? The people they are outside. Where are the people who are dead? Are they just in the streets? They are all -- I can't -- thank you so much. So thankful to survive. And a lot of other folks feeling that way. And bracing in vietnam. It does diminish. But category 2. It's taken a northern track. Going to be winds above 74 miles per hour, gusting to 100. And quite a bit of rain. Landslides, mudslides possible. More in today's weather.

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{"id":20838049,"title":"Super Typhoon Hits in the Philippines","duration":"3:00","description":"Popular tourist destinations face hard hitting storm.","url":"/GMA/video/super-typhoon-hits-philippines-20838049","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}