Superstar Trainer Shaun T's 3 Secrets to a Rock Hard Body

The trainer behind "Insanity" and "Hip Hop Abs" demonstrates new moves to keep you fit.
2:51 | 10/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Superstar Trainer Shaun T's 3 Secrets to a Rock Hard Body
We are loving this. We want you guys to learn great tips. And we have Shaun T. He is the celebrity trainer who's best-selling insanity work out and also hip-hop abs. That's right. Used by so many celebrities. Ken Mathison got a sneak preview. He's looking good. Take a look. Reporter: Here's the makeup, the hair, the clothes. But a key to getting red carpet spectacular is what's underneath is all. The body. Just ask j.lo, usher. The man mind the insane workouts that gets them in shape, Shaun T. We are at his home gym to get the scoop. How do you come up with the workouts? You keep on upping yourself. Jennifer Lopez. His secret to getting a dare wear like j.lo. I don't look at cool as you. You look cool. You look cool. ? ? love what you do ? Reporter: What about the king of abs? Usher? His go-to to usher-fy your midriff. It's the rope climb. One, two, three, four, and slow, slide back down the rope. Reporter: And what if you want legs like Apolo Ohno? Don't let that head move. You looked like him. Reporter: I am dizzy right now. For "Good morning America," Cameron Mathison, ABC news, Mesa, Arizona. Great job, looking good. And Shaun T is going to give us a signature move right now. I am. We can try this at home. Put your coffee down. It's the get busy. Half of it, take your arm back, tobac front, front. I do the top half. Back, back, front, front. Squeezing your score. Working your abs. Come on, girl. You have to do the face too. But it uses your core, it's tilt, tuck and tight. Oh, honey. Me too. You can get more tilting, tucking and tightening with Shaun T. 8:30, a live streaming workout. Go to on Yahoo!. Ty Burrell and Tom Bergeron

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"The trainer behind \"Insanity\" and \"Hip Hop Abs\" demonstrates new moves to keep you fit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26369493","title":"Superstar Trainer Shaun T's 3 Secrets to a Rock Hard Body","url":"/GMA/video/superstar-trainer-shaun-secrets-rock-hard-body-26369493"}