Stars Commemorate ABC's Day of Giving

Douglas and other celebs send messages for superstorm Sandy victims.
3:00 | 11/05/12

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Transcript for Stars Commemorate ABC's Day of Giving
Good morning my name is Michael Douglas and his -- -- Particularly upset about the destruction sandy. So many people out -- they'll have a generator. Don't have water power electricity communication. We need your help so please. He BC stay at it -- it every. The standards -- in Nashville Tennessee and think about -- little effective. But the devastation hurricane -- when any of us in America affected by a storm like this we all heard. Some some of the open again and help them urge you to join us and ABC's they have giving and donate whatever you -- -- -- victims that reflect -- the storm. My name is Mark Cuban it -- There's not a day that goes by random count my blessings from living in the greatest country. We all have dreams. -- circles. But sometimes -- cut short but tragedies. I hope you'll join me in providing support as part of ABC's -- give him. And helping out those. This is -- -- As a childless men -- some. Beaches some pictures -- -- -- speeches. To see -- hurricanes and he has done to them as well as Staten Island New York city's -- behind me. So when tragedy strikes got to pick. Please please please join ABC's -- didn't -- what -- you -- to the victims and stone. -- -- -- -- -- This is ABC -- Yeah. -- -- -- -- Really causing. Problems for our friends out there. Yeah. They need. -- then I'm so sorry to hear about everything her. Terrible -- you are always in my prayers I really urge you to give ABC standing -- Please do that -- It's very terrible thing. -- this is there plus side there -- guns Nashville on ABC. And ABC it's -- On the East Coast -- Just asking. The dollar's gonna help me. You just get out. Contribute. Due to help me. Come together and I'll -- in new. Bryant's other floated through his line. It's a treasonous act and it's good to everybody affected it. You know. Plays its own people and -- -- -- back. Are there any given. And -- -- in my thoughts and my prayers are going out to everybody suffered through this terrible -- We're with you in spirit -- -- very very best everybody else please tune in all -- Good Morning America try to help out anyway you can as they look to help. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Effect if any actually. -- -- -- Please go to. And everybody. I can't -- -- -- there. Nobody can reduced sentence of the season. Hey this is David. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So. You know -- -- it is it's. Heartbreaking to see what these people going through -- someone who. -- Transient we head down here in Alabama last through the tornadoes in I know that there are people that need your help of god bless you. Gas prices -- here at home. Everybody's hearts and prayers at least those and remember that ABC's today and giving his -- In your heart gets money. Going to be a long road for countries. -- -- -- -- And nothing -- And please again on ABC's Dave ticket prices to -- ABC's Dave giving. Whatever you can't. Anything you can argue. -- money in the Red Cross running this video now. At least he didn't know that -- there. You can't. Being from Louisiana we've been -- a lot of -- and I know how devastating. I've never felt like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our hearts go out the victims of hurricane it's such an amazing thing seeing what's -- History in the city tonight. After it's over into the water subsides. -- and we just really encourage him -- ABC stated. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. -- things happen. -- -- -- Let's guess that's. -- -- -- -- They all -- it's my beautiful wife -- There are passengers to everyone expected later he at least. And thank you guys. Make sure that you don't need -- ABC. Hey this is Kerry Washington from ABC scandal. We have all been so moved by all of the images of the impact of hurricanes standing up and down East Coast and -- you've been wondering what you can do about it like I have. Joining us today for ABC's -- giving give to those that survive this awful hurricane and storm. Get from your heart it all in -- Hi I'm Joshua Molina among the scent of scandal here in the West Coast that I am in new Yorker by birth and -- It's a person thinking about my friends and family and everybody in the east -- active members in -- Please join ABC's Dave giving and -- -- in the. I'm next. Involved -- movement images of destruction hurt him. Which -- stretch -- went. To an ABC's view -- you just can't help victims this. I influenza -- and -- its name and always our thoughts and prayers -- with everybody that are suffering. Are having -- ill winds. Dean ramifications with hurricanes -- so. What -- we can do you. Eugene is and at some point everyone that's that's helping so -- see our prayers god bless everyone that's going to -- in the.

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{"id":17641153,"title":"Stars Commemorate ABC's Day of Giving","duration":"3:00","description":"Douglas and other celebs send messages for superstorm Sandy victims.","url":"/GMA/video/superstorm-sandy-stars-commemorate-abcs-day-giving-17641153","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}