Superstorm Sandy: Status of Returning Electricity, Gas Shortages

The extreme weather team tracks the latest from the devastating hurricane.
3:00 | 11/03/12

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Transcript for Superstorm Sandy: Status of Returning Electricity, Gas Shortages
But we start with something to cheer about. Finally, power being restored in lower manhattan. A huge relief for some. But others in the northeast, could be without electricity for another week, if not longer. Meantimperatures are plunging to levels and fast. Ginger zee is here this morning. Good morning, ginger. As someone knows with the customers without power in the 11 states, text them or get ahold of them. Thcold is on the way.42 new yk. 44 philadelphia. Erie back there at 40. But look at the next three nights. Again, tomorrow morning, through early tuesday is when it's really going to hit. And you're going to go, oh, my goodness. Actually, we could have problems with hypothermia, especially for people a little older. You go outside of the city, and some of the affected areas. The power's out. You got all that cold sitting around. IT COULD BE IN THE 20s, EASILY. And the windchill will be even worse. I wanted to mention that. And I got another threat, of course I do. Wednesday into thursday, that cold air meets moisture in the south. Five-foot to ten-foot waves are possible. And some snow heading to the inland and higher elevation areas. I'll have more on this and the nation's weather coming up. For now, back to dan. Just what we do not need in the disaster zone. Thank you, ginger. This morning, the feds are taking measures in the massive gas shortages. These are reminiscent of the 1970s GAS CRISIS. Can the military and fema make a difference? Alex perez is in clifton, new jersey. Good morning to you, sir. Reporter: Dan, good morning. Everyone is hoping that shipment will make a big difference almost immediately. This gas station here sold 8,000 gallons into the late hours and won't be expecting another shipment, another delivery, until this afternoon. Now, most of the people here are hoping that this fema and military shipment that's headed our way will make a difference in this region very soon. This morning, new york is opening up. And new jersey is cracking down, in an effort to improve the tri-state gas shortage. The new york port has been open for gas tankers for the first time since sandy made landfall. We saw a fuel barge coming down the hudson river before. Reporter: Until things return to normal, governor chris christie has signed an executive order, rationing gas for passenger vehicles in 12 counties. Here's how it works. Starting at noon, owners of cars with license plates ending in an even number, can only purchase gas on even number days. Odd numbers on odd number days. Two-thirds of the gas stations in the new york metro area are out of fuel. And half of the stations in new jersey and long island are shut down. Some have no power. Others, sold out. Completely drained. And for some, like joanne hughes, the wait for the pumps isn't just a long line, but a lifeli lifeline. With her father going through energy bypass 40 miles away, the only thing keeping this daughter from her father is a lack of fuel. It takes me about two hours to get gas. I hope I make it. Reporter: You've been in the line for 40 minutes now. Already. I don't know -- I have no idea how long it's going to be. Reporter: A question that everyone's hoping will be answered soon. And it took joanne about eight hours before she was finally able to get the gas she needed to see her dad in the hospital. Supplies are not expected to return to normal levels until about late next week. Bianna? Not good news for so many people. Alex, thank you.

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{"id":17632439,"title":"Superstorm Sandy: Status of Returning Electricity, Gas Shortages","duration":"3:00","description":"The extreme weather team tracks the latest from the devastating hurricane.","url":"/GMA/video/superstorm-sandy-status-returning-electricity-gas-shortages-17632439","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}