Photog Calls Suri Cruise a 'Little Brat' Amid Paparazzi Swarm

Photographer's comment is just one of many events that fuel call to restrict paparazzi.
2:15 | 07/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Photog Calls Suri Cruise a 'Little Brat' Amid Paparazzi Swarm
Every cruise a seven year old was being held about paparazzi and fans when she was called. -- -- and much worse -- BC's juju Chang has the story listen carefully. This common sight paparazzi staked out in front of Katie -- -- car. But these time some might say they want some -- with CB -- Expedite I don't grab a wall wool wool pulled alive and when your father broke the code of days ago brand -- -- And you see a video -- as disturbing as this. What you really understand is why celebrities fight so hard not only to protect themselves but particularly. Protect their kids these -- little kids -- they really should be off limits. Often times people think that because a parent has decided to be a celebrity that the child is fair game children need to be children. And that they can be deeply damaged by something as simple as a paparazzi yelling about -- them. It seems so long disappearance are hot -- Hollywood there will likely always be flash bulbs on stars' kids. But now A list parents are fighting back. Against the bounty not just on their heads. Put on their children as well be my child the lone star -- columns like Sarah Jessica Parker Salma Hayek and Julia Roberts have butted heads with the caps over their children just weeks ago Halley Berry who has publicly sparred with photographers trying to get a shot of daughter Natalia. Spoke out in front of California lawmakers. Backing a bill to protect stars' kids from the paparazzi we get into the car my daughter is now sobbing and -- seems to me. -- -- parents in Europe there are specific restrictions against photographing kids without the parents' consent. But in US. So much for good. -- -- -- juju -- ABC news New York. There's never any excuse for that and Tom and Katie have been having great parents have been generous and really and is now he's come to New York she's done a great time -- us now and there were some reports that a mind that the not have been someone for the paparazzi that it was actually tell who is writing it -- -- our ancestors -- Now all yeah -- back to know right.

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{"id":19648514,"title":"Photog Calls Suri Cruise a 'Little Brat' Amid Paparazzi Swarm","duration":"2:15","description":"Photographer's comment is just one of many events that fuel call to restrict paparazzi.","url":"/GMA/video/suri-cruise-photos-paparazzi-calls-brat-amid-photographer-19648514","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}