Survey finds many grandparents disapprove of their grandchildren's names

Plus, the "GMA" anchors recall popular jingles that they cannot get out of their heads.
7:01 | 09/15/17

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Transcript for Survey finds many grandparents disapprove of their grandchildren's names
I certainly do. There are grandparents who sometimes don't -- they love their grandkids. That's a given. Okay, that's a given. They love their grandbabies. But sometimes their names -- they're not crazy about their names and their children -- they really want to pass on a family tradition and like we've done that in our family. The latest two, Sally Teresa, named after Sally Teresa right there. She's named after her grandmother, my sister sally-ann and my grandmother, Sally and spelled it differently. S-a-l-l-I-g-h. Do you have any traditions carrying on family name. My son is named after his dad, we call him a nickname. Duff because H name is David Hu Hufford. There he is. That's not duff. He is a man. Oh, my god. Sweet Kate. I gave my daughters their middle names on their father's side because he has such pretty southern names, ava Monroe and annalise Lowe and gave them their southern names than the German names on my sidef the family? That's night. I named my son Michael Jr. Well, and my oldest daughter, her grandmother helped name her Tonita and being they're German and French. You let grandma have say a. At that point in my life I really didn't have a chance. And then Isabella and sophis their middle names are their grandmother's middle names. So you're fitting right into this whole -- That's it but do you all have -- what did you call your grandparents? My mom's childhood nickname was khaki so she didn't want to be granny because in her head she's 28 still so she was like -- she decide the the grandbabies would call hrkac ki and that stuck. I love what my mom and dad go by none and pop. I call my mother none sometimes. It's a little strange but it's a cute name. I think it's cuter than mom actually and the first grandchild just said it so that's what happened. Keeping the tradition alive. Grandma and grandpa. How about you? Same way. Must be -- we did the -- grandma Sally. My southern grandparents are grandmother and grandfather. Aunt, auntie. You can -- Auntie. Same aunt sometimes. How you doing, aunt Mary. I would say auntie. We move on that to something else. I'm trying to find it because I lost my papers but going to give -- who here loves a good jingle by round of applause? All right. "The New York post" did this article that made me think about jingles. They caught up with the kids from the kids commercial. Remember this. ??? For kids ??? This song is an earworm. It will not stop -- ??? today ??? Did they talk to the kid sflgs they talked to those kids and said they thought those kids would be sick of this song. But they found out they aren't tired of it. They love singing it and sing it to themselves. They like getting the check for it. They like getting the check for it. So that got me -- made me think about popular jingles of all time and let's see if you know what the jingles are. We're about to start with them. I'll jump in. Come on. You can do it over here. Come on. There you go. Thank you. I want you -- I'll start singing and you finish it. We want you to hear you sing. You have to sing too. ??? Give me a break give me a "The breaker" me off a piece of that kit kat bar ??? Bam! There we go. Good job. That was good. ??? Give mow a break give me a smoke ??? What about this one -- ??? kit kat bar ??? We got that one. ??? Like a good neighbor -- ??? state farm is there ??? There we go. You guys are good. Here's another one ??? eye many stuck -- . ??? On band-aid brands because band-aid is stuck on me ??? The one thing I notice you guys watch too much TV as kids. Here we. . Okay. ??? My baloney has a first name it's o-s-c-a-r my baloney has a second name it's mea-y-e-r I love to eat it every day and if you ask me why I say Oscar Meyer has a way with b-o-l-o-g-n-a ??? That's what I was about to ask. Follow up. What are your favorites? Oh, my gosh. ??? Meow me now me now ??? We can do ours together. Amy and I go ole school. Producers are so angry. Picked the same. Three, two, one. ??? I can bring hope the bacon ba-dum-dum ??? ??? fry it up in the pan and never ever let you forget you're the man ??? ??? I'm the woman ??? Can we actually play it? Do we have it. Can we play it. ??? Bring home the bacon fry it up in a pan ??? ??? never ever let you forget you're the pan ??? ??? because I'm a woman ??? Ever try it? No, never had it. I remember it and you know what -- conspiracies. Spanking that and bring home the bacon. That is old school. That is old school, yes, I'm very proud of it. Okay, there we go. Mine was one thing I remember is ??? Rolo Rollo to your pal chocolate covered caramel ??? I guess I was the only one

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{"id":49862069,"title":"Survey finds many grandparents disapprove of their grandchildren's names ","duration":"7:01","description":"Plus, the \"GMA\" anchors recall popular jingles that they cannot get out of their heads.","url":"/GMA/video/survey-finds-grandparents-disapprove-grandchildrens-names-49862069","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}