Woman Buried Alive by Avalanche Survives

Emily Anderson, 20, was buried for 10 minutes while skiing in Washington State.
2:40 | 12/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman Buried Alive by Avalanche Survives
We begin with the incredible survival story. 20-year-old emily anderson, buried by an avalanche while skiing in washington state. But one free hand, quick-acting rescuers and a dog saved her life. Neal karlinsky has the story. Reporter:20-year-old emily anderson had just finished what she calls e of the best runs of her life, here at crystal mountain, south of seattle. It was amazing. Reporter: When she looked down and saw the snow moving strangely beneath her. I saw a crack. And you hear a little pop when it starts to go. I realized it was an avalanche. It pushed me into a tree. And all of a sudden, I was encased. And I couldn't move. Reporter: She was buried. Her first thought, above everything else, how to breathe. Her left hand could move just enough to get the snow away from her mouth. My head was down, facing down a little bit. And so, i, like, had to kind of scoop the snow away. I breathed in snow a little bit. That was scary. Reporter: That's what saved your life, having that left hand free to get a little bit away. Yeah. I was, like, kind of in a sitting position. And my right arm was stuck out to my side. Reporter: Couldn't move it? Yeah. Couldn't move it. Reporter: And the second wave hit her. A wave of fear she might not be d. I felt very alone. I felt like, know, this could be it. Reporter: A helpless, horrifying feeling, like when this snowmobiler caused an avalanche, and was buried alive earlier this year in washington state. Shovels. Reporter: His friends, frantically dug him out. Get his helmet off. Can he breathe? Reporter: He wasn't injured. He's all right. Reporter: But emily wasn't sure she'd make it. She was screaming. But buried under the snow, no one could hear. A friend saw it happen and called for help. The ski patrol was there within minutes and began poking t the snow with long poles, trying to find her. Newman, a 4-year-old avalanche rescue dog, was there, too. Avalanche dogs are the best way to find somebody like emily. This woman is lucky. The avalanche statistics say, that once you're buried without a trace to the surface, the chance of surviving that statistically is one out of three. Reporter:15 minutes later, she felt the poles pok through. They found her and dug her out. You're lucky. I'm very lucky. Everything about it went my way. That's for sure. Reporter: This morning, her neck is a little sore and her ski poles are lost. But she's otherwise just fine, smiling and interested in getting a job with the ski patrol. For "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, washington. That's an amazing story.

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{"id":18024385,"title":"Woman Buried Alive by Avalanche Survives","duration":"2:40","description":"Emily Anderson, 20, was buried for 10 minutes while skiing in Washington State.","url":"/GMA/video/survival-story-avalanche-buries-woman-alive-saved-rescue-18024385","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}