Survival Tips in Case You End Up Stranded at Sea

ABC News' Matt Gutman reveals some tips that may help save your life if you get lost at sea.
4:53 | 04/28/15

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Transcript for Survival Tips in Case You End Up Stranded at Sea
Back now at 7:41. We're kicking off "Gma survival week" with a harrowing situation. What do you do if you're stranded at sea, there's in dangerous waters? Matt Gutman knows. He's here to share it with us. Reporter: Good morning. For this installment, we traveled deep into Mexico to learn the life-saving survival skills in the sea of Cortez. "Gma" dropping me off in the deep end where I learned one useful skill. All of this inspired by the people who survived the real thing. Survivor is on the vessel. Reporter: Louis Jordan rescued after being lost at sea for 66 days. A former football player thrown from his 36-foot fishing boat without a life preserver. I realized I was in real trouble. Reporter: Rob Conrad forced to swim 27 miles over 16 hours. Miraculously, he survived. And Seattle siblings Dan and Kate suskey on a charter fishing trip off the coast of St. Lucia when their boat capsized. It's surreal. Reporter: They swam for 14 hours in shark-infested water. We could see land off in the distance and started swimming that direction. Reporter: Basic skills that they applied helped them survive. I wanted to find out if there were in, so here I am. Drifting away in the shark-infested sea of Cortez in Mexico. Not exactly sure how I'll get out of this mess, but I do know exactly how I got into it. ? earlier that morning, in Mexico, I boarded a chopper for a 45-minute flight over the desert to a village. It's here I meet up with Dan Baird, head up instructor for the California vur vooifl school. How hard could it be to jump out of a helicopter? It's missing its doors. Why would anyone jump out with nothing but the clothes on their backs and the shoes on their feet? The plan is for Dan to teach me how the survive being lost at sea. I'm way too tear field to have final words. As the chopper reaches the drop location, the devil's mouth, Dan and I take our positions. And on the count of three. Whoo! That was awesome. It's a plunge into 70-degree water. As the rush subsides and I acclimate to the temperature, reality sets in. If our shoes are impeding our swimming, we want to relax and get them off. Reporter: The first thing Dan tells me to do is sake of my shoes and tie them around my neck. They're not conducive to treading water. We may be here for awhile. We maintain breathing. Slow it down. Slow down the heart rate. Figure out how to maintain a float. Reporter: And we do that by -- I just took my pants off. I didn't think I would do that on TV ever. Is there tie them tight. Reporter: It's a skill that takes some practice. By filling the wlegs air, I've turned my pants into a life preserver. As for avoiding sharks, as experts told us last year, don't thrash around. You look like food. If you're with another person, link arms back to back and fight them off with your legs. If you don't see land, what do you do? Just stay calm and conserve energy. Dan says your number one enemy is panic. If I didn't have a float like a set of pants, another option would be the dead man's float. Fill our lungs with air, put yourself face down. Float. Until you feel like you need to take another breath. Reporter: A plunge in the air I won't soon forget. Whoo! All to help you survive the unthinkable. Give yourself little tasks. Focus on keeping afloat. Use your watch to reflect sun flight you see a boat nearby. If you can't see land, don't try to swim. Above all, keep your pants on. Please do. Reporter: Always. Good advice. It's remarkable how good a pair of papts can be as a flotation device. Of course, if you really want to survive, don't jump out of a helicopter. That was George's takeaway.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"ABC News' Matt Gutman reveals some tips that may help save your life if you get lost at sea.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30638662","title":"Survival Tips in Case You End Up Stranded at Sea","url":"/GMA/video/survival-tips-case-end-stranded-sea-30638662"}