Susan Lucci, Ana Ortiz Are Back as 'Devious Maids'

The stars of the Lifetime show discuss a second season of sexy scandals in Beverly Hills.
3:04 | 04/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Susan Lucci, Ana Ortiz Are Back as 'Devious Maids'
A portion of the box office will be donated to the national parks foundation. Amy? Ginger, the hit series "Devious maids" will return. What's next for the five, beautiful maids? Joining us are two of the biggest stars. Anna Ortiz and Susan Lucci. Thank you for being with us on this winter spring morning. Thank you. It snowed this morning. Yikes. You never know what to expect on your show. That's what makes it so great. Season one, the murder mystery was solved. What's the big mystery in season two, Anna? The big mystery, I think it revolves around -- my character is always getting involved in a mess. So, I'm engaged to this fabulously wealthy, dashing man. And he has a new maid, who is sort of my nemesis. And there's all sorts of mystery as to what happened to his first wife. So, we're constantly on the discovery for that. And the maid is spooky, too. I walked up. Huge fan. Watched "All my children" growing up every afternoon. How is this -- this isn't a soap opera. This is not what everyone expects. How is it different from what you did for so many years? For one thing, the body of work we do on a daily basis is less than we do on the soaps. We do about 100 pages a day when we did 1 show. And often did more. However, what I love about working on "Devious maids" and how lucky am I to be working on this show with wonderful writing again? Marc cherry, brilliant writing, surprising, sexy. But we work on film. You have rehearsal. And you have a chance to discover the scene. And I love that. And I love that you're going through husband after husband. That theme has continued. That theme has continued. The great clothes, the gorgeous home, and loving men and looking for husbands. The character I play is more vulnerable, more romantic. And she feels that she's not attracting the rich husbands as fast and furious as she would like to. And it's driving her a little crazy. She does do some self-medicating. I love that twist. And this is still fills a void of "Desperate housewives." People loved that show. It's spicier. With Marc's fabulous writing, which is hilarious and sexy and intriguing. But there's a Latin, wonderful, fabulous vibe. A lot more flavor. And the Latin music. It's a whole, different vibe. But very, exciting. It's "Desperate housewives" 2.0. Thank you, Ana and Susan for coming on with us. Can I have what you're having? Susan, you haven't changed a day. The second season of "Devious maids" Sunday night on lifetime. Don't miss it.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"The stars of the Lifetime show discuss a second season of sexy scandals in Beverly Hills.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23344020","title":"Susan Lucci, Ana Ortiz Are Back as 'Devious Maids'","url":"/GMA/video/susan-lucci-ana-ortiz-back-devious-maids-23344020"}