Sylvester Stallone Pulls No Punches in 'Creed' Interview

The "Italian Stallion" discusses becoming Rocky Balboa again in the new film "Creed."
3:43 | 11/24/15

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Transcript for Sylvester Stallone Pulls No Punches in 'Creed' Interview
here, jet you know it's been 40 years since rocky won the Oscar for best picture. Now Sylvester stone is getting back in the ring, generating Oscar buzz again in one of the biggest movies of this fall, this time around, you know what, jet, he's a trainer. He's helping a young boxer prepare for the biggest fight of his life in "Creed." Because I said to myself, if I break I'm hurt, whatever I ain't going to fix it. Why bother. I'm just some bum living in your career, there's nothing. You're a good kid. A good fighter. But you got your whole future ahead of you. Mi mine, it's back there like all them guys on that wall. In the back. In the past. Yeah, still got it. Still got it. I loved all the "Rocky" S and this one too. Watched it the other night "Creed" and seems like the natural evolution for "Rocky." What made it so extraordinary because of this journey that rocky takes, it was presented by a man in his late 20s or 27 years old, who just became fixated on extending the story but also bringing in a new character, creed who can speak to what's happening today more like the millennials whereas rocky was the voice of the '70s and '80s, this fellow is speaking about the problems and issues that face younger people today. And so let's bring people up to speed, creed, of course is the son of -- Apollo creed who is my friend, mentor and the fellow who changed my life so he became kind of an idolized object to me. I said I've always revered him then he died because of me in "Rocky I 4" so I live in this regret and a son appears just at a particular time when rocky has sort of given up on life. Michael B. Jordan. Yeah. Tell us about what it was like working with this young man. Does he have it. Yeah, he does have it and that's why I think he's going to go on and be a force in this industry because people are interested in watching him. I want to show a picture of you with the greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali. Of course. And you've always said there's just something -- what is it about boxing and something that you were drawn to with that. Two things I think, speed and fighting. In other words, racing, we're always racing against time in one sense or another and I think when you see it portrayed metaphorically or symbolically and see a fighter like Ali or someone you embrace the whole because it's more than just a fight. It's touching you on a level that you may not even be aware of subconsciously. That's a wonderful thing. Your beautiful family. Oh, my god. And your daughter modeling. I know you're proud of all your children. I am. Every one of them are beautiful and every one has a special ability and Sofia is in usc. And sistine trying to make her own name. Much like this guy was trying to make his own name. Well, you deserve every blessing coming your way. Thank you so much. Always great to be here, seriously. You know what, he was here yesterday, sly and he took a picture with the crew always doing this thing, you know, do the rocky thing, took picture after picture after picture. One of the great guys and, "Creed," you saw it too. Michael B. Jordan, also, a great, great guy. Just so personalable and the movie is awesome. Can't wait to see it. Me too. You can wait until tomorrow because "Creed" opens in theaters tomorrow. But Amy and I already got the

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"The \"Italian Stallion\" discusses becoming Rocky Balboa again in the new film \"Creed.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35388259","title":"Sylvester Stallone Pulls No Punches in 'Creed' Interview","url":"/GMA/video/sylvester-stallone-pulls-punches-creed-interview-35388259"}