Target Photoshop Error Fuels Body-Image Debate

A botched retouch of a swimsuit model's thigh gap creates Internet firestorm.
3:00 | 03/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Target Photoshop Error Fuels Body-Image Debate
We'll move on to a photoshop error by target that's got people buzzing. The retailer being botched F ed over a photoshop. Target is marketing to your teens. Linzie Janis is here with that story. Good morning. Reporter: This is a photoshop fiasco. Target admits the photos were a mistake but people are now demanding to know was it attempting to give a teenage swimsuit model a bigger thigh gap? It's being called an epic forecast flop. Two ads on target's website for juniors bikinis shows a model who appears to be missing parts of her body. Taken out of her right shoulder blade but the most glaring omission. This area near her thighs. Here she is again, still not complete. ING it has put out these tot totally unrealistic images that are really laughable but you have to question what they remember going for. Reporter: The photos have been taken down but the outrage is just heating up. One person tweeting "Obviously this thigh gap was not intentional. But the fact that we're photoshoping models of junior swimwear concerns me." Another woman using her 140 characters to say "I am so appalled by this. Target has gone way too far with photoshoping their models online" in a statement to ABC news, target said "That was an unfortunate error on our part and we apologize." The chain wouldn't say what it was trying to achieve by retouching. One thing it has accomplished reigniting that thigh gap debate. Something "Gma" discussed last year with a group of students from a New Jersey chapter of students again destructive decisions. A thigh gap is like when you're standing straight up and have feeting to and kneesing to and there's a gap this between your thighs. Girls don't want their thighs to touch. Reporter: Eating disorder experts say some are making the gap their goal. Part of a thinspiration move. Some marketing to them have gone in the opposite direction. This year aerie an underwear brand promised customers no retouching and no supermodels. They look up to models and magazines and advertisements and it's really important that you give them a sincere representation of what they're going to look like in that bathing suit. The pressure is mounding on target to explain what exactly it was trying to do to the image of that model. Guys, a lot of people want to know was it, if fact, trying to make a teenage girl who is already thin look even thinner? I don't know. It would appear so. Yeah. Any layer of -- It certainly caught here and the psychotherapist said not only is the thigh gap obsession unhealthy emotionally and physically for young girls, also not attainable because a lot has to do with your body type. Of course. Just not good. There's nothing good there.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"A botched retouch of a swimsuit model's thigh gap creates Internet firestorm.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22873558","title":"Target Photoshop Error Fuels Body-Image Debate","url":"/GMA/video/target-photoshop-error-fuels-body-image-debate-22873558"}