Taste-testing Keurig's newest coffee line on 'GMA'

Audience members sample the new line of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters joe from "GMA" sponsor Keurig.
1:40 | 02/02/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Taste-testing Keurig's newest coffee line on 'GMA'
We are big coffee drinkers so we're going to find out how you tell a great cup of coffee with the help of our sponsor green mountain coffee roasters and three audience members will do a new taste test and want to you art tasting and put which one you think is which in front of it but in the meantime, Joanna Saltz of delish.com here to give us coffee tips. You say it is not about tasting right away. No, just like wine. You want to smell your coffee and understand sort of the notes there. There are three distinct things you'll taste. Remember, coffee comes from a fruit. A cherry-like fruit. There should be a floral plant-like then it gets roasted and beans get sort of caramelized so there's a sweetness and then, you know, finally you know sometimes the beans get burned and so there's a smoky sort of like deep rich flavor. Some people like that. Some don't. Exactly. Then this one kills me because my stepdad is real good at this. You're supposed to slurp. I know. Your kitchen will sound insane. The idea is to expose the entire pallete to the coffee and allows it to get up your nose. You need to get in there. Slurp up. You guys had a chance. Now put selects in front of you. The first cup in case you got it right is sumatra reserve, bold with warm spices and the Kenya highlands, you guys are kind of doing it right. Full bodied coffee. At least you are, cliff. Full bodied coffee with winy fruit flavor and then the third was the Costa Rica paraiso, cocoa and caramel. She's swifting it. No matter what, you guys did a great job and want to thank you for playing along.

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{"duration":"1:40","description":"Audience members sample the new line of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters joe from \"GMA\" sponsor Keurig. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52783751","title":"Taste-testing Keurig's newest coffee line on 'GMA' ","url":"/GMA/video/taste-testing-keurigs-newest-coffee-line-gma-52783751"}