Teacher Reveals Extreme Weight Loss on Instagram

Laura Micetich lost 115 pounds in one year.
3:07 | 06/29/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teacher Reveals Extreme Weight Loss on Instagram
A story that is inspiring thousands. This woman, the teacher who used social media to get healthy. Shedding weight she said she had struggled with her whole life. Her posts helping others and also herself. Paula has more on this. Hey, Paula. A lot of us may want to keep our battle to lose weight private. But not laura. Look at the photos and poes. She says having instagram followers cheering her on and keeping her honest made all the difference. These instagram photos document a dramatic transformation over the course of a year, 25-year-old laura went from this to this. Today, she's the picture of health. Cooking new trishs meals and hitting the gym hard. A total lifestyle change for laura, who says she's struggled with her weight since childhood. I felt different growing up than other kids because I was heavier because I couldn't do a lot of the physical activities they could. Reporter: By chej, she was six feet. Poor eating habits spiralled her weight out of control. I was over 300 pounds. Reporter: When she developed hypothyroidism, she knew she had to take angst and take control. Unlike most people who rely on a diet and exercise to make a change, laura depended on social media. People were saying, how did you do this? Can you give me information? I would say, yeah, shoot E me an e-mail. I would give them as much as I could. Reporter: If one year, she dropped an incredible 115 pounds. 40 in the first month alone. No surgery, no pills, no wraps, et cetera. Just clean eating and working out. Reporter: Her diet, four eggs and oat meet for breakfast and four meals a day consisting of 6 to 8 ounces of protein. Sharing her pictures she's become an inspiration to her followers and to herself. Instagram gave me this place where I could post my pictures and be accountable to myself. But also, I was accountable to the 12-year-old who didn't feel good about her body and soundenly could just by an adult telling her everything was okay. Reporter: She continues to eat healthy and work out six days week. Her message, nothing happens overnight. But hard work pays off. It's about proving to yourself every day gnat you want the change enough to wait for it and work for it. When it gets there, then you appreciate it. Love that. You dot that work for it. You do. I'm holding an official letter from her Dar. She says, she did it without the aid of medications, or weight loss surgery. She's off the thyroid and cles ral medication. A wonderful example of how hard work and dedication with enable one to reach their weight loss goals. And, speaking of terrific. Ginger zee.

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{"id":40207614,"title":"Teacher Reveals Extreme Weight Loss on Instagram","duration":"3:07","description":"Laura Micetich lost 115 pounds in one year.","url":"/GMA/video/teacher-reveals-extreme-weight-loss-instagram-40207614","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}