Teacher Shares a Hard Lesson on Privacy

Sammy Roocroft uploaded a Snapchat image on Facebook and Twitter that soon went viral.
2:11 | 02/05/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teacher Shares a Hard Lesson on Privacy
teacher gave her students a valuable lesson about privacy proving nothing they post online is private. Becky Worley has the story. Now we can communicate with pictures. Reporter: Snapchat. Despite the privacy firestorm when it came out in 2011 -- The fun is to send embarrassing pictures. Reporter: A teacher wanted to create a experiment to teach a hard lesson to her class of 9 and 10-year-olds and had them use snapchat then she took a screen grab and posted it to Facebook and Twitter asking people to reshare with their locations. One friend posted it then another and then the exponential growth led to almost 27,000 shares on Facebook alone. The fact that it went viral I think shocked them just as much as it shocked myself really. We're seeing the first few generations that have the same ideas about what they should keep private. Reporter: Now, snapchat says the photos are deleted but all you have to do is press this button and this button on your phone and have a screen grabs that lasts forever. If that's shared over a billion users. The sky is the limit on how widely it could spread. To fight this oversharing snapchat now notifies users when a screen grab has been taken but savvy teens have found new ways to circumvent that. Snapkeep. Snapbox, snapspy. These all let you take a screen grab without sending a notification back to the person who sent you the photo. Some people online have altered the photo Sammy shared with harsh messages even putting devil horns on her head. For all negative comments we had thousands of positives, as well and you can't please everybody and people will have an opinion. Reporter: I say more power to you, Mrs. Roukroft. She is teaching all of us parents that the talk about privacy in the internet needs to happen earlier than ever, robin. All right. Becky, thank you for bringing

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{"id":28745258,"title":"Teacher Shares a Hard Lesson on Privacy","duration":"2:11","description":"Sammy Roocroft uploaded a Snapchat image on Facebook and Twitter that soon went viral.","url":"/GMA/video/teacher-shares-hard-lesson-privacy-28745258","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}