Team USA Ready to Tackle Portugal in Next Game at the World Cup

Top players from both teams are battling injuries that could potentially affect the teams’ play.
4:33 | 06/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Team USA Ready to Tackle Portugal in Next Game at the World Cup
A lot of hope for the team usa Sunday. I mean I believe that we can win, George. Let's head now to the world cup. Team usa after its big showdown with Portugal on Sunday, a win would put them in a great position to advance. But key players for both teams are battling injuries. ABC's Paula Faris is in Rio right now with the very latest. Paula, good morning. Reporter: Good morning. What was that chant again? I heard you. You almost need to be a numerologist to figure out the chances and pairings at this point. A windows not guarantee that team usa advances but certainly increase their odds exponentially but first they have to get past the best and most beautiful player in the world. ? team usa fresh off its electric win over Ghana Monday. The absolute perfect start to the 2014 word cup. Reporter: Now gearing up for its greatest challenge yet, a rumble in the jungle with Portugal. Cristiano Ronaldo. Reporter: And their heartthrob scoring machine, Cristiano Ronaldo. That is a big-time finish. Reporter: Known as much for his world class soccer skills as for his international sex appeal. But this morning Portugal's lead man dealing with a knee injury that forced him out of practice on Wednesday and on Thursday walking with a slight limp but still up and running. There's no way he's 100%. Portugal without Cristiano Ronaldo is a totally different team. Reporter: But team usa also hurting. No, no, now that is a problem. Reporter: Its star player, jozy altidore sitting Sunday's game out, but the team still hopeful his world cup journey isn't over yet. And captain Clint Dempsey nursing his own shiner after shattering his nose. Oh, that hurt from here. Okay, a little bit beat up but I'll be fine. Reporter: But team usa's injuries not killing the American spirit. Only time we get on the field it's all about making them proud of us. Reporter: And a victory against Portugal would only guarantee this party continues. And the team gets in one final practice before hopping on the plane for manaus in the rain forest, hot, humid conditions, players concerned about breathing and cramping and dehydration. They just need to remember to drink a lot of water, George and Amy. No question. Lots of travel for team usa and talk to ESPN soccer analyst, alex lalas. Thanks for coming back and talk about how the U.S. Adjusts with no jozy altidore. Yeah, well, the problem with jozy altidore is unique. For Jurgen klinsmann he's a player that plays that position in a special way and they don't have another player really that comes in like -- so what you're looking at an existing player like Clint Dempsey. There are different types of players but one man's loss is another man's opportunity and could be changes coming in off the bench or rearranging in the field but certainly a question that Jurgen klinsmann will have to deal with because jozy altidore has been very, very important in taking a lot of the pressure off of the team and holding the ball up top. Another possible opportunity. Ronaldo, not 100% either. Yeah, well, you know, you're looking at playing a Portugal team that has Cristiano Ronaldo that's not playing at 100% but don't get me wrong, this is still a good team. If you just focus on Cristiano Ronaldo you got the other players that are very, very good and when you put all of that focus on Cristiano Ronaldo, things can happen on the other side. So the U.S. Defensively has to be very good and I think as a team, they have to play better in terms of possession than they did that first game. But they still have to be on a high from that win against Ghana. Well, look, when you look at that wing against Ghana, it was a wonderful moment, an historic moment in the way they did it. Incredible theater and drama and I think specifically for that moment that was the way it needed to be played. I think against Portugal they'll have much more possession. I think a player like Michael Bradley that didn't have his greatest game has to play better and I think ultimately if they have that type of possession I was much more worried about the game against Ghana than the game against Portugal. Good to hear. Thanks. We'll talk to jozy altidore in a little bit. Of course, team usa takes on Portugal starting at 5:30 eastern right here on ABC and

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{"id":24227340,"title":"Team USA Ready to Tackle Portugal in Next Game at the World Cup","duration":"4:33","description":"Top players from both teams are battling injuries that could potentially affect the teams’ play.","url":"/GMA/video/team-usa-ready-tackle-portugal-game-world-cup-24227340","section":"GMA","mediaType":"us only 08"}