Team USA World Cup Victory Highlights Equal Pay Issue

ABC News' Jesse Palmer reports the latest news emerging from the famed FIFA tournament.
2:46 | 07/07/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Team USA World Cup Victory Highlights Equal Pay Issue
team usa is back home after their world cup victory. The women return to L.A. Last nitro if I in hand. It's not the biggest trophy but that win was huge. Yes, it was. And they had a record number of people watching them win the gold but the biggest audience does not add up to the biggest paycheck. ABC's Jesse palmer is in Vancouver with that. Good morning, Jesse. Reporter: Good morning, Michael. That fantastic win certainly a bright spot for the sport of soccer but when it comes to cash in the players' pockets, well, the women are not on an even playing field with the men. That's it. Game over. The drought is over. The U.S. Wins the 2015 women's world cup. Reporter: More than 25 million people watched the ladies earn their third world cup title. More than any other country. The most viewed soccer game male or female in U.S. History. When it comes to money matters the ladies fall short. The average salary in the men's league is $305,000. For the women, $14,000. In prize money for the men's world cup it's $576 million. The women, 15 million. Last year the U.S. Men's team would lost in the world cup round of 16 got paid $9 million. How much will the women's team get for winning it all? 2 million. The women are also battling on other fronts. England soccer federation tweeted that its own women's team go back to being mother, partners and daughters. The tweet has since been deleted. The women may not be playing on a level field but they are on the verge of scoring financial wins. Alex Morgan has ten endorsement deals with Abby Wambach and christen press also lighting up the airwaves. Good shot. Goal. Carli Lloyd again. Reporter: Experts believe goal scoring superstar Carli Lloyd could bring home $3 million this year. Still for all these women, a world cup win priceless. And the entire 2015 women's world cup champion U.S. National team will be together for a public championship celebration in Los Angeles this morning. Michael. All right. Thank you, Jesse. We asked you at home to vote in on our online poll. Do you think the women's soccer team should be given a ticker tape parade? Yes. 96% said yes. Only 4% -- I know -- Who is the 4%. We'll find them. Michael will throw money at them. Yes. The men's trophy that small? Yes, it is. Okay, all right. I tell you -- Rather have their paychecks. Would rather have their paychecks. I was part of a parade. It is amazing and these women deserve it. Let them have a parade and give them the pay they deserve. All right.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"ABC News' Jesse Palmer reports the latest news emerging from the famed FIFA tournament. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32263934","title":"Team USA World Cup Victory Highlights Equal Pay Issue","url":"/GMA/video/team-usa-world-cup-victory-highlights-equal-pay-32263934"}