Can New Technology Help Parents Track Kids?

How the new organizational app Cozi is helping parents keep up with their kids' activities.
3:42 | 09/22/15

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Transcript for Can New Technology Help Parents Track Kids?
San drashgs congratulations. Our series app to school and parents know how hard it can be to keep themselves and their kids organized during the school year. Becky Worley spoke to one family who turned to apps for help. Reporter: School is in session. And for busy parents like the cramers this means organizing the troops. Some days it can be very overwhelming. Reporter: Their sons eighth grader Paul and sixth grader max play sport, practice and games each week and play in their school's orchestra. ? Sports, extracurricular school activities, trying to keep time for them to do homework. It gets fairly difficult to track our schedules. Reporter: Have no fear I have some apps to turn your smartphone or tablet into command central and rally up thetoos. First app, kozy, this free app not only takes care of the family's schedule and contributes to the shopping list but sends out upcoming agendas for the following weeks making sure they never forget an important recitrecital. Next up, homework. We have an average of an hour every night. This my homework app organizes their assignments and on how do deal with it and have a wait and see app which is ridicu why we would consider negotiating with cancer is beyond me. Let's just wait andee what it does. It's like a terrorist that lives inside your body and we're going to wait and see what it does. K wenow what it's going to do. Hai C avearleer ptiecndsp avei' hr tdmleil with my decision and I don't know what the de oncisi is for every woman in my family mammograms you might be too young to have a mammogram because of radiation. There are high definition sonograms. I am not a doctor but one more thing that infuriates me and that is this perception we're all about the boobs. Women are not just about their boobs which was the statement I was making when I wore thatme. Two app, one for iOS, apple devices called our pact and another called dinnertime. A kill switch so watch this. This is the parent's phone. These are the kids' phones, I hit, okay, it's dinnertime then watch what happens they're plays their games and texting with friends and then it will go straight into a screen that turns it -- I love that. Completely locked out. We're getting that one. Your kids are going to hate me, George, I know. This is a little low-tech way to do the same thing. It's also helping parents get back into the routine, cell phone lockup. It has the beds and the holders here -- We have to put ours in there too. Parents' goes if there too. Once this goes down, it will lock and it's 30 minutes. You cannot open it. So you have the big phone so we'll have to put yours in the little bed there. It lies down. This is old school taking the idea of we have times in our family. When we don't have cell phones put them in a jar, a cookie jar where you can't see then. With devices out of sight is out of mind and helps us connect and get homework done. Get kids to bed on time and create more time for families. You can hide the charger too. It can't charge up. I see. You've got genius ideas in your own family. These are the good ideas right there. Get the info on these apps and get more of Becky's back to school reviews at on Yahoo! Thanks, Becky. Outside to ginger. It feels almost like fall.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"How the new organizational app Cozi is helping parents keep up with their kids' activities.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33942287","title":"Can New Technology Help Parents Track Kids?","url":"/GMA/video/technology-parents-track-kids-33942287"}