Teen Mom Criticized for Waxing Toddler's Eyebrows

Farrah Abraham says she waxed, plucked her 3-year-old's eyebrows to prevent bullying.
2:13 | 01/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teen Mom Criticized for Waxing Toddler's Eyebrows
Turn to reality TV star Farrah Abraham from MTV's teen mom she's under fire from lot of fans are appalled when they learn that she waxed and -- the eyebrows with her three year old. Abraham says she was only trying to keep her child from being bullied. And -- Abbie Boudreau has the story. We've seen the extremes. Go to the -- toddlers and tiara look pretty. But some say MTV's teen mom star Farrah Abraham went a little too far act months. After trying to wax and then to pluck her three year old daughter's eyebrows. Abraham sat down with ABC news overnight to explain. Why she didn't seem like this kept comment -- on I you know brow and I was is that may yeah muddy and go too far. She says her three year old Sophia face to so much criticism she -- waxing was the only option what I had said it was paid money -- NN. You know try to -- your eyebrows because there's a bit too much care there. But -- the wax didn't work she -- until Sophia fell asleep and plucked her brow. The twenty year old mom recently underwent her only -- over. She's reportedly had a breast augmentation -- nose job and it chin implant some calling her obsessed with her physical appearance. Claiming she's projecting her desires onto her daughter. Cosmetic surgeries in -- -- Sunday and that is way different from liking your eyebrows. As for her daughter dermatologists say the earliest looking should begin is at age seven -- at the -- years -- this. -- is definitely very sensitive and very. And very delicate and -- lacks the skin of a three year old who have a higher risk of creating a burn. And I can help my daughter and a little way by this parking if you -- that I think I did something right I would never it's hot lax on her. Abraham says she and her daughter are both -- affirmed new eyebrows. Good Morning America -- Boudreau ABC news Los Angeles. Who represents. Just in the -- I -- -- three year olds are getting calling -- Carroll will leave that to her hands I guess not the people decide.

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{"duration":"2:13","description":"Farrah Abraham says she waxed, plucked her 3-year-old's eyebrows to prevent bullying. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18169264","title":"Teen Mom Criticized for Waxing Toddler's Eyebrows","url":"/GMA/video/teen-mom-farrah-abraham-criticized-waxing-plucking-toddlers-18169264"}