Teen Organizes Protest Against School Ban on Yoga Pants

While student Emily Connolly believes the ban is a form of body-shaming, the administration insists it prepares students for the workforce.
4:07 | 08/28/15

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Transcript for Teen Organizes Protest Against School Ban on Yoga Pants
that student standing up to her high school's new dress code. The principal says the policy is about preparing girls to be successful in the workforce after graduation. She says it's all about body shaming. Teenage girls. ABC's linsey Davis has the story. Reporter: While most kids are planning for the first day of school this morning Emily Connelly is busy planning a protest. The 16-year-old speaking out against her high school's new dress code. My friends and I didn't agree with it at all. We want to just kind of go to school and sit there for eight hours in a t-shirt and leggings or yoga pants then I feel like we should have that option. Reporter: Cape cod technical high school ruling spandex, tights and yoga pants must be worn with shorts or a skirt stressing the popular bottoms respect completely banned but now considered an accessory. The school's superintendent saying the policy revision is to give students soft skills employers seek including an awareness of appropriate dress for appropriate venues but she argues it is unfairly body shaming female students. Many of us think that it is because it's considered more of a distraction to boys. Reporter: The teen turning to social media encouraging her felony classmates to wear yoga pants and leggings on the first day of school writing they shouldn't have to pay because some boys can't control themselves. This just the latest case of teens protesting school policies. Earlier this year Connecticut students started a petition after a classmate was banned from prom for what the school considered a dress that showed too much skin. As for Emily she is hoping she and her fellow students can help reverse their school's new rule one pair of leggings at a time. For "Good morning America," linsey Davis, ABC news, new York. Thank you, linsey. Joined by parenting expert Ericka souter. In one corner we have the school, the school is saying, hey, dress for success. The students, the girls are saying it's all about body shaming. Your take gentleman. A lot of girls have said that. They feel the policies themselves put more pressure on them and actually sexualize them more than the actual clothing does and they think it's unfair but on the other side of that we hear a lot of parent, a lot of mom.me readers saying they have an ally and like that there are boundaries and the school is working with them to help teach their kids how to dress appropriately. What Mr. This argument some girls are making that the school is doing this because these outfits are distracting to the boys. They're also saying they're doing it purely for comfort. I'm not sure if I ever equated tight with being comfortable but yoga pants are always comfortable and parents will tell you teens also want to be cute and trendy but on the other side of that if the reason the school has imposed a policy because boys are distracted that's not okay. Boys have to learn to think about women differently. I'm a mother of a boy and a lot of parents have told us it's a teachable moment being lost here. No matter what the sex of your child you have to teach them to respect themselves and respect other people. And to focus on the work. The principal says this has nothing to do with gender but learning how to dress for success. Do you think he has a point. Very good point. People -- what gets lost high school isn't just about fun but preparing them for young adulthood and learning what they should wear is an important part. Going to interviews. You can't yoga pants or casual clothing. You have to dress for success. I know what it's like in my house but ask you what part do you think parents should play? There are a few things they can do. You're the boss so raid their closet. You can tell them what you think is appropriate or not. This is an old school one but the bend over rule. If your kid knows that they bend over and showing too much then they shouldn't wear it. Old school but works. It works. And lastly for the parents loosen up a little bit. Trends do change and evolve. You know, work with your kids. Let them express themselves through fashion but give them boundaries and lips. Some for the boys too, they have to pull up the pants. Don't show your underwear. It goes both ways. Thank you very, very much. We'll move on to our series

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{"id":33377894,"title":"Teen Organizes Protest Against School Ban on Yoga Pants","duration":"4:07","description":"While student Emily Connolly believes the ban is a form of body-shaming, the administration insists it prepares students for the workforce. ","url":"/GMA/video/teen-organizes-protest-school-ban-yoga-pants-33377894","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}