Teenage Girl Survives Deadly Plane Crash in Washington

The girl, 16, walked out of the wilderness two days after her grandparents were killed in the crash.
2:21 | 07/14/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teenage Girl Survives Deadly Plane Crash in Washington
Count of that incredible survival story a teenage girl. In a small plane crash over the weekend with her grandparents. She says they were killed but somehow she managed to walk out of the wilderness two days later. ABC's Ryan Owens is in Brewster Washington with her story. Good morning line. Good morning Robin she's in the hospital behind me she's dehydrated and exhausted but otherwise just flying so how did she survive. Her father says it's because of things she learned watching survival shows on TV. On cell fees snapped in her hospital room how wells would a sixteen year old celebrate. A remarkable reunion with her family autumn beach took another picture of herself just two days before. Sitting in the plane that would soon crash and lead this team stranded alone. On the side of amount not far from the Canadian border but she's just stone throw a lot. Can I guess thing. Scramblers Wetherell and she did. Autumn was flying with her step grandparents seen here with a plane that crashed. They were headed from Montana to Washington State on Saturday afternoon she told the sheriff they hit bad weather and slammed into the side of a mountain. Kelly superhero. Just amazes. It's what she went through the sheriff says the teen stayed with the plane's wreckage that first night but with no sign of held. She started hiking down the mountain following a creek that led to a river she slept that second night on a sandbar in the water in the morning she kept following that river until finally on Monday she found a road and flag down a car. The driver dropped her off at the only place around. This country store she was clearly rattled and in you know cheek shaken by the experience autumn had no survival training she isn't even the yelled Dorsey type. But her dad says is a fan of those survival shows like survivor man on the Discovery Channel. Survival. Expeditions clearly she was paying attention so survivor man should be very proud of her. Autumn tells investigators her stuff grandparents are dead. But so far searchers have not been able to find them or any of the plane's wreckage which tells you just tell rugged these woods really are. George. Thanks Ryan.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"The girl, 16, walked out of the wilderness two days after her grandparents were killed in the crash. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32439663","title":"Teenage Girl Survives Deadly Plane Crash in Washington","url":"/GMA/video/teenage-girl-survives-deadly-plane-crash-washington-32439663"}