Two Teens Allegedly Stab Best Friend to Death

One girl told police they killed their friend.
3:34 | 09/09/13

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Transcript for Two Teens Allegedly Stab Best Friend to Death
We begin with the disturbing murder case out of west virginia. Two 16-year-olds have been arrested for stabbing a third friend to death. One girl has confessed. The other will be tried as an adult. Paula faris brings us the story. Reporter: They were supposed to be best friends for life. Sheila eddy, rachel shoaf, and skylar neese. Skylar was stabbed and left for dead. The only thing I care about is they get what's coming to help. Reporter: July 201, 16-year-old skylar, a student at university high school in west virginia went missing. She snuck out of her family's home in the dead of night. After months of searching, no sign of the teen. A stunning turn in the case. Close friend rachel shoaf comes forward, providing the location of skylar's dead body. The one-time best friend admits to maliciously and intentionally causing the death of skylar neese by stabbing her and causing fatal injuries. One best friend admitted to murder. The other, sheila eddy, comforted the family. She tweeted, rez easy, skylar. I miz you more than you could ever know. This week, she, too, will be charged with skylar's murder. If you're innocent, you don't cover up something for nine month. You don't come to somebody's house the next day after you murder somebody and try to walk up an down the street looking for the person you murdered. Reporter: Her lawyers have released a statement saying it's premature to comment on the case at this time. Now, skylar neese's family is asking how this ended in murder. For "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. Let's get more on this from chief legal affairs anchor dan abrams. The details mind boggling. She's pretending to be part of the search for months? It's an awful story. To friends accused of stabbing, literally, taking her out somewhere, picking her up in the car, taking her out somewhere and stabbing her. Couldn't be more premeditated. No. One pleading guilty of second-degree murder. This is where age comes into play. Is it adult versus juvenile? In the state of west virginia, anyone over the age of 14 is supposed to automatically get transferred to state court. The leniency is to come with the sentence. Prosecutors are going the recommend 20 years. Isn't at the light? Considering the crime, yeah. I think that's because of the age, likely the fact that she's pleading guilty as well. It will be interesting to see what happens with the second one. She was adjudicated so far in juvenile court. Now she's moved to adult court. Does she go the trial and have her friend testify against her? You have heard the parents say again and again that the last ting they want to do is revisit every detail of their daughter -- you can imagine this, right? The last thing they want is to have to relive this. I think the parents would appreciate some sort of plea here. We'll see if that happens. Thank you, dan. Now to the stunning

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{"id":20199364,"title":"Two Teens Allegedly Stab Best Friend to Death","duration":"3:34","description":"One girl told police they killed their friend.","url":"/GMA/video/teens-allegedly-stab-best-friend-death-20199364","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}