US Embassies Across Muslim World Closing

Officials learned of the Al Qaeda plot by intercepting messages between terrorist leaders.
2:10 | 08/03/13

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Transcript for US Embassies Across Muslim World Closing
reporting. Over two dozen american embassies will be closing in response to the new terror threat from al qaeda. Let's get it to nick schifrin on the ground in cairo, egypt. Nick, good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning, dan. One of those embassies being closed is right there behind me. This morning, the threat is alarming. And reaction unprecedented. Every embassy meant to be open tomorrow, will be closed and security ramped up. This morning, the u.S. Officials say the threat is active and credibility. They detected specific threats to western targets in muslim countries. Embassies, consulates. Even this yemen hotel. That's led to more embassy closures than after 9/11. Not just here in cairo, but embassies from algeria to bangladesh. It is more specific. And we are taking it seriously, which I think you'd expect us to do. Yeah, there's a significant threat stream. And we're reacting to it. Reporter: In cairo, the embassy is barricaded, hidden behind these stones. Those are new resources since the benghazi siege on the anniversary of 9/11. Just 600 miles from cairo, militants overran the consulate, they burned it down and killed four americans, including the ambassador. Today's threat have from these fighters, al qaeda in the arab peninsula and the most wanted man in the world. He built explosives into printer cartrid cartridges. Nearly impossible to connect, even after authorities knew where to look. I live with caution. But I don't live in the guise of fear at all time. Reporter: With the threat, aaron mack is not hiding. He is determined to finish his program. We're trying to be cautious We take threats seriously. We take anything that could threaten the safety of americans seriously. Reporter: This morning, a senior u.S. Official tells me they learned of the threat by intercepting messages sent between senior al qaeda leaders. And this morning, they're concentrating all their intelligence and security here and across the region, hoping to avert a threat.

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{"id":19860545,"title":"US Embassies Across Muslim World Closing","duration":"2:10","description":"Officials learned of the Al Qaeda plot by intercepting messages between terrorist leaders.","url":"/GMA/video/terrorist-threat-us-embassies-muslim-world-close-19860545","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}