Terry Crews' story sheds light on why men don't speak out about harassment

Terry Crews' speaking out about his alleged sexual assault is shedding light on the sexual harassment that many men have faced.
4:01 | 11/16/17

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Transcript for Terry Crews' story sheds light on why men don't speak out about harassment
And that is some great "Pop news" from Lara Spencer everybody. Our "Gma" cover story. More of our exclusive with Terry crews. He's not revealing how his agency reacted to his bombshell accusations. As the store sheds light on the different ways men and women may experience sexual misconduct. I have never felt more emasculated, more objectified. Reporter: Terry crews making powerful headlines from his interview on "Gma." You're a prisoner of war. Reporter: After his live interview, he told me more details about that Hollywood party he attended with his wife last year and his allegations that one of the movie industry's most powerful agents at William Morris endeavor Adam venit groped him. He takes his right hand under mine and immediately squeezed, grabs my genitals. I slap his hand away, push him back more forcefully. He told the honored guest of the evening Adam Sandler then left with his wife. Crews said venit called him the next morning. I get a call. It's him on the line, I'm sorry, I was drunk. I wasn't myself that night. Did you feel like it was sincere. No, when people are sorry because they got caught. Reporter: Crews said this year he even went to the head of William Morris endeavor, Ari Emanuel. And brought out a letter he wrote in 2011 which demanded that Mel Gibson be blacklisted from Hollywood for anti-semitic remarks. I took that letter, crossed out Mel Gibson, put Adam venit, crossed out anti-semitic remarks and put sexual assault. I said read that letter. Now you know what you got to do. He said, it's different. Crews recently parted ways with the agency. But he says he identifies with the fear that many say deters them from speaking out against retaliation. He is privy to all the studio heads who hire me. that? an investigation was launched It is not a problem unique to The eeoc received over 12,000 complaints of sexual harassment last year alone. We sat down with political blogger John arabosis who bravely spoke about his the 1990s. He said the female colleague may come off to him by phone. I was frozen before I could finally just get the energy to like whisper to her stop it. I wasn't worried for my personal safety. I did worry how I was going to do my job from there on out. As a guy you sit there and think, okay, first of all, people are going to think I'm crazy or something that I didn't like this. Reporter: According to husband and wife psychotherapist Phil and Eric ra brosier women tend to think it's their own fault. They're often immediately questioned about what their role was in provoking it which is ridiculous. Reporter: While men often question their own masculinity. Viewed by society as, you know, women coming on to you is not a bad thing. In deciding to speak out men butt up against in this social strip they're not supposed task for help. In talking to Terry it was traumatic. He put it in the background but all the Harvey Weinstein stuff really brought it back up to the forefront for him and he wants to be an add vaevocate. He's passion flat and not letting it go. If you do something like this there are consequences to your actions. Venit is suspended but not fired. Suspended but not fired. That letter that he talked about was outrageous. The letter that -- with Mel Gibson. Crossing out the name, crossing out the offense. He feels free now, he's gotten his story out there and it's liberating. I ask do you worry about your career. He said it's already exceeded everything I ever wanted. I'm just doing what I feel is right. He shouldn't have to worry for one second. I agree with you 100% and want to thank Terry for sitting down

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"Terry Crews' speaking out about his alleged sexual assault is shedding light on the sexual harassment that many men have faced.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51187091","title":"Terry Crews' story sheds light on why men don't speak out about harassment","url":"/GMA/video/terry-crews-story-sheds-light-men-speak-harassment-51187091"}