Northern Texas Hit By 16 Tornadoes; More Expected

People are still missing in Texas as a multi-day alert is issued for the Midwest.
3:44 | 05/17/13

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Transcript for Northern Texas Hit By 16 Tornadoes; More Expected
in a moment. First right to the very latest on those new warnings for the middle of the country, more tornadoes expected across the midwest all the way from texas to michigan, those pictures are remarkable, sam. I mean, this is happening everywhere. Yeah, it will be by the weekend. We're looking into saturday, sunday and we'll even show you how it lasts into monday. When you see things like this, a quiet tornado season, so much cold air in place in the country and so now we get those warmer temperatures and here goes the tornado season. I do want to mention granbury, the national weather service has been looking into this. These are preliminary reports. When you see something like this, this is the foundation of a house and this isn'tfter it was cleaned up, the house taken off the foundation. When you see something like this and we saw this yesterday in the office, this looks like the damage of an ef-4 and weather service says it probably is, 166 to 200 miles per hour. A devastating storm talking about the dead or the bodies being found inside and thrown outside houses. A reminder, today this is where the storms could light up in jackson to memphis and billings to rapid city, two areas. Over the weekend a classic storm situation setting up in the middle of the country. This is what you would expect in tornado alley for may. So quiet, we need to remind people to stay up with their abc stations so you know when these storms move in the area. Saturday, as the cold front sits there, clash with warm, humid air. The jet stream pulling up right through the center will build those storms taller and higher and that's what you need for powerful thunderstorms and the possibility for tornadoes. Kansas city, oklahoma, in line, minneapolis even by the time we get to sunday and this lingers in that part of the country for monday. To go back to some of those areas so damaged and devastated in the past 24 hours our steve osunsami is in cleburne, texas, with heartbreaking pictures. Good morning, steve. Reporter: The family that lives here said someone was clearly watching over them. The roof was torn off, the house shaken up, the walls knocked down. It looks like someone put this in a blender and hit mix. They made it out alive by hiding out in this bathroom back here. Police have surrounded this neighborhood because they say it's unsafe for families to be here. Oh, my god. Look at this. It's right above us. Holy . Reporter: One tornado would have been painful enough but this morning the national weather service confirms there were 16 of them tearing through northern texas including this ef-4 mon ser with winds up to 200 mys an hour. I was screaming, oh, my god. Crazy. It's over, we're gone. Reporter: From the sky the aftermath as is even more heart of breaking. This was granbury, before the disaster, blocks of home many built by habitat for humanity for families in need. This morning this is what is left, shattered walls and shattered dreams. Oh, my gosh! The door just like shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking really bad. Reporter: From the street it's more disheartening. Family cars tossed around like hot wheels. Windows exploded into flying daggers. This morning nearly 3500 homes and businesses still without power. In cleburne weather officials now think it was an ef-3 that cut a second path of destruction half a mile wide. Across this state, many of those who lost their homes now so thankful they didn't lose their lives. My car gone. My house is gone but my children are here and we're okay. Reporter: There was severe weather last night across much of louisiana, but nothing like what happened here.

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{"id":19199758,"title":"Northern Texas Hit By 16 Tornadoes; More Expected","duration":"3:44","description":"People are still missing in Texas as a multi-day alert is issued for the Midwest.","url":"/GMA/video/texas-tornado-video-2013-northern-texas-hit-16-19199758","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}