Train Hits Parade Float Full of Wounded Veterans in Texas

Federal officials will probe to find out why a freight train hit the 18-wheeler.
3:00 | 11/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Train Hits Parade Float Full of Wounded Veterans in Texas
We want to get to the deadly and horrifying crash in texas. Federal officials are heading to texas to join investigators to find out why a freight train slammed into a trailer with veterans. Clayton sandell has the latest. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, amy. This morning investigators with the national transportation safety board will be on the scene here just trying to figure out how this train ended up in the middle of a parade. A trailer got hit by a train. We need e.M.S. Units down as many as you can. Reporter: The impact was deafening, as the union pacific train plowed into the parade float, carrying two dozen wounded veterans and their spouses. The noise, it sounded like somebody got hit. Reporter: Two flatbed trucks crossed the railroad tracks. They were on their way to an annual hunt for heroes banquet. My daughter heard the train coming and heard the horn. Reporter: Patricia howell was at the crossing with her daughter and saw the train approaching. She said, mom, they're going to hit. And I saw the trailer was still on the tracks. And the people were jumping and trying to get off of the trailer before it hit. Reporter: And then, the impact. I just saw people wounded by the train. Headquarter, we are going to have multiple victims. We'll need everybody we can get down here. Reporter: Police say while some people were able to jump from the float before the crash, many of the victims on the back of the flatbed truck were in wheelchairs and could not escape. The warriors, the wounded warriors themselves, were helping each other. They were treating each other. They were moving each other. They throwed in. These military guys, this is not something they should have had to go through again. Reporter: Now, union pacific says the gates and the lights at this crossing were working at the time of the crash. We're also hearing remarkable stories of heroism, including that of 34-year-old joshua michael, an army sergeant who died in this crash. Reports say he was able to push his wife off of the float before he was killed. Amy? George? That is really something. Clayton, thanks very much.

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{"id":17736954,"title":"Train Hits Parade Float Full of Wounded Veterans in Texas","duration":"3:00","description":"Federal officials will probe to find out why a freight train hit the 18-wheeler.","url":"/GMA/video/texas-train-accident-hits-parade-float-full-wounded-17736954","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}