2.4 Million Travelers Face Serious Delays This Holiday

Weather could delay many flights on one of the busiest travel days of the year.
3:00 | 11/27/13

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Transcript for 2.4 Million Travelers Face Serious Delays This Holiday
More than 3 million people are traveling by air this holiday weekend. And many of them could face serious delays, as sam was talking abou abc's david kerley has the latest on all that. Joins us from chicago's o'hare airport. How's it going, david? Reporter: Pretty good, robin. Good morning to you. Today, 2.4 million are going to travel. Here are some of them, lining up getting ready to go, trying to get home for the holidays. The real question is, does the weather cause serious delays today? The mad dash is on to avoid a departure filled with delays. In pittsburgh -- we're in a panic. Reporter: In atlanta, one out of every three flights was delayed by weather. Now, it's the big northeast hubs that are being hit by this slow storm. In the united airlines chicago o'hare command center, they know that the eastern storms could make their job tougher today. The pressure is on airlines in this busiest flying time of the year. For us, a behind-the-scenes look as united airlines turns around a plane quickly. Your connection is less than an hour? Your luggage is now a hot bag that handlers want to move quickly to the next plane. That's the one we're looking for. Good job. Want a job? Reporter: Inside, cleaning cruise and caterers, bringing on more food. There's more than 200 actions under way to prepare this plane. And then, reload the bags. How could somebody pack that much stuff in there? Fueling going on. The pilot does his walk-around, knowing that a packed plane wants to get home for the holidays. This 373 has been on the ground for 1:26. And now, they're pushing it off so it can take off. For this flight on an-time departure. They even arrived in l.A. Early. But today could be a much different story. Sara here with her two kids trying to get to harrisburg. This is the departure board at o'hare. On time. The airlines were able to get their aircraft in place this morning. So, sara's flight is on time this morning. The question is later on this afternoon. We'll have to wait and see. Sara and the kids get to see the cousins for thanksgiving. I love the fist-pump from sara. Thank you, david. We appreciate it very much.

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{"id":21027317,"title":"2.4 Million Travelers Face Serious Delays This Holiday","duration":"3:00","description":"Weather could delay many flights on one of the busiest travel days of the year.","url":"/GMA/video/thanksgiving-2013-travel-24-million-travelers-face-delays-21027317","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}