#ThisIsGMA: Meet the people who put together 'GMA' each day

"GMA" is giving viewers a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the production team that works around the clock to put the show on the air every day.
6:22 | 01/11/18

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Transcript for #ThisIsGMA: Meet the people who put together 'GMA' each day
gingerment I am in the middle of the "Gma" control room where the show is directed, it's produced back here but you know what I'll head back out to the set right now. We're pulling the back the curtain on how all of this happens. There is a big mad rush to air this every single day. Our dedicated team of reporters, producers and our crew, they're all taking you behind the scenes and this is "Gma." Going to times square right now. Show you what's out there. There it is. We are turning the corner about to get the day started. We'll see what it brings. What are you doing? What's going on. I'm writing the show. This is the part of the morning where it goes from peaceful 4:00 A.M. Hour right over to times square. We're getting ready to go through some pieces and juggle and change some things on the show. And the day is young. I'm the promo writer so this morning we're teasiing segments coming up. Downstairs, that's where we start off the show and go through the show with our whole tech crew. Hello, everybody. How long have you been here? Working here 12 years. Here's meg. She is our wonderful set designer. She has all of the creative investigate and these guys execute it. Meg, tell us about your job and what you do here. Any props that are on the show I make them look pretty. When Val is doing my makeup I like to read everybody's Hore row scope. I have your, Molly. Is that you? Right now we try to figure it out. First half hour. We had to make a change to my piece this morning. This is how I do it. The lip Mike. This Mike right here cancels out any noise, any outside Mike. I'll check in with the producers because my story has been changed already three times. I just want some confirmation because I was on Brady then I was moved to Franco. Back to Brady. We're exactly half an hour away from the show so this is like crunch time. Have you ever seen "Star wars" where they're in the trash compacter and Wal tart closing in? We've reached that part of the morning. Top of the show. Right at three megabits. Oh, boy. Two-second delay. It's solid. It's better than it's been all morning. Go live. 6 1/2 minutes. Going downstairs. Two, one. Roll. Here we go. Good morning, America. What a devastating scene in southern California right now. So we're in a commercial break. What's going on over here? Texting my kids to make sure they get on the school bus. You got to get your kids on the school bus from work. Got to get them to school from work. This is kombucha. People asking this all the time. P you don't want to smell it. It's good stuff. So about to go to the tease. Look. No one rolls me like gwinnett that. Hey, sister, dear. Robin talking about her sister on the show retiring. She's the reason I'm doing what I'm doing and these are tears of joy. They really are but she is such an icon there. She starred a mentoring program and done so much for the community there. I really am happy. I don't know how you held it together as well as you did announcing your retirement. I just lost it. The Mike that usually goes on the guest failed. Handed him a stick Mike from 1975. I'm here with the audio team. The best in the business but these things happen. It's live TV. Guy, what happened? Hold on. Somebody is talking in my ear. Two, one. I'm Sara, Michael's purchase. This is his routine. He takes selfies with everyone in the audience. They invest in us so we want to invest in them and give them personal time outside the show. It's important to me because their energy is what makes the show go. We have to head uptown and start all over again if we're going to get good takeaway for people on how to protect yourselves from the flu. Other than washing your hands. Wash your hand. Work on that next. The president is doing a press conference with the prime minister of Norway this afternoon so I'll be anchoring the special report. It's my day job. I am getting ready to go on to WABC, our New York affiliate here to promote my Tonya Harding special. The president is about to have a joint press conference with the prime minister of Norway. There are a couple of things that trump hit in the joint press conference with Norway. So Jon Karl will put that together. We cut he anywhere between 20 to 30 slates to roll each night. This was my editor telling moo he that our cut of the piece is complete. Talking about Oprah. Who is this? This is kayna doing it. Oh, great. We could probably use something like that. Okay, so, yeah do that for the kayna thing. Do you have the video? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I am creating the titles for -- these are credit titles for all the people on the show. What time is it? It is midnight. I have no idea. Never know. Hey, I was going to ask you is this recording now? It is. Okay. Then I won't ask you. We are working on today's cold open which will air in just a few hours. Well, we're back and doing it all over again. We do it every single day. Welcome back. A lot goes into this -- a lot goes into putting this show together and -- Everybody looks too calm. Real quiet. Even when I was backtank just to come out to introduce this piece, I was like I got to get out of here. It's crazy back here. We're missing three. We're missing fonsi, Angie and Eddie. Yep. Another three. Oh, Brad. In the green room. They just wanted their

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{"id":52273341,"title":"#ThisIsGMA: Meet the people who put together 'GMA' each day","duration":"6:22","description":"\"GMA\" is giving viewers a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the production team that works around the clock to put the show on the air every day. ","url":"/GMA/video/thisisgma-meet-people-put-gma-day-52273341","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}