#ThisIsGMA: Meet the team working behind the scenes at 'GMA'

A behind-the-scenes look at how the production team works around the clock to get the show on the air every day.
8:58 | 01/17/18

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Transcript for #ThisIsGMA: Meet the team working behind the scenes at 'GMA'
Good morning just before 330 this is the site that morning and it goes from physical play and mounting. Yeah. An elevator building. Double figures. Are accurate pictures of him let's have an opening bunkers here Jeep junkie you're my new even the unions at times things. I and he the late department of progress extraordinary here at GM today associate producer for Good Morning America high sky plane in Chile and here the next 24 hour that you backstage so awkward that you may. You're not a hero one of the producers here in BC news Good Morning America in Los Angeles gentlemen our correspondent ABC news where in London and everyone. They hear us on I mean we are at the White House. Yeah what kind again courtyard clay I'd marry out. Hasn't handcuffing a court hearing this is not a real plan it's just hours after the year. Good morning ask leader you know rushed. It's not working on the show Friday and ends and that was me certain work. Ready. More car it's a second cup port. It's about 6 AM here on the East Coast sometimes. In 1008. Three airports camps. I am hey welcome to my thrusting drag. Andrea doing her if she touches on spackle. And highlights hi I'm and this is beautiful mass. I need east of Atlanta. The lamb fan that's who here's. 08 outdoors. And you know that it right here at 300. And this woman here Alex she has only been in here crafted a different statements. Statements right now. As we trying to figure was. The person two. Everybody in my dressing room just finished prepping for the show that hair and makeup. Yet Miller Miller. 18. May he had my producers there bill Moyer might behind I think you're so what we liked the relentless so little new. Before we go out and do you think the it's always calming music from to get removed we get it builders here's some news reports. Where exactly half an hour away from the shows this is like crunch time. Little clues about ten minutes to air way him taking in. To my live shot anything. Yeah. I had ever seen Star Wars were on their in the trash can actor in the all star once again to leverage that part of having his own right every negative. Hopefully it's alive today because yeah. Your monthly yeah. I hope that we. About everyday word got. Our crops and that prepared. I didn't Jesse can't in it. Working at twelve years twelve years eight years one east for years company. Harry that's scary and I'm here next hour wonderful that's higher than in the town this past. Again. It's much different. It's playing nine very important. No going out for pancakes with the audience for me. I have to go to the same job over at the view and then when I'm done working a Good Morning America I come to the other best audience and television. Here at the few. It looks like Greg's working really hard duties Anderson. Good Morning America as many hours ago but I am in a car with Lindsay Janice who you know from Good Morning America. Taylor done my wonderful produced there. And any of silently in my day it was researches and we are in. Team Robbins corner all the beautiful people who love Jay Mason this amazing stuff. Including this portrait of Robinson. That won. Them anything. Is renaming. It Hong. Authorities doing this again and then on again and can it be known as an activist he's not overblown. Or just you know. It's not just pitching stories we're mountains something next he's booming rammed the back slowly away. My concern right now yes is. Off our yeah. Presence about having a joint press conference the prime minister. Norway we're going for the press conference we have actually no idea communicated his vest the president question we are going to come here. Around 320 that was at 235 now be entries this report. Might might make my age nine morning's ABC. And molesting his bees per cent from the morning America. Literally my day starts in the kitchen because I'm Hong. It's time producers you apps do the right path. Usually aren't deputy bureau chief Michael personnel. If you would turn on clutching a couple things are watching KB season to date news show at 11 AM see that our friends upstairs. Have ever watching nothing filing for all platforms head down low as you go. We're just filming out here and sort of this rock quarry. Created by the storm and Matt. Alan stock and a camera and a live stream for eighty. News. But this gave high. Whole month. This is what rescuers have to go through try find people that life is so treacherous and dangerous and that's probably why. Anybody else out here right now this is. The other Sunday. Many are finally getting lately it finally getting knocked me covered here. Anything any color video. Now done. Back pretty small. My GM it was on the show yesterday in New York made it home to brainy California. Make phone calls all dale ergonomic computer or the and I jumped into my office the minivan. So saving story and it mudslides and tenement that I cruise company. Hired an accident happened here in camera. At the right patient. Reserves in for Paula Newton for stories. This victory was serious about. Controlling your dad is spending on air stories right now. We'll make some calls later. Sound bites from the knowledge lies. And heading to and it trying to get our column cap is to make sure that all of our numbers are breast. Density information. Answered questions the more she might have is there. It's glory and we're pure digital is sentenced her production team here in the last eighteen. Story and breaking news Athens they handle it. That terrorists. Air traffic over. It. Margaret. Why he running around while you running team. What's the rush. Yeah. Times Square. This is G. Robin Roberts. George Stephanopoulos. And Good Morning America.

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{"duration":"8:58","description":"A behind-the-scenes look at how the production team works around the clock to get the show on the air every day. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52409269","title":"#ThisIsGMA: Meet the team working behind the scenes at 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/thisisgma-meet-team-working-scenes-gma-52409269"}