Tiger Woods discusses his new memoir 'The 1997 Masters: My Story'

The golfing legend reflects back on his remarkable career in his new book.
5:41 | 03/20/17

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Transcript for Tiger Woods discusses his new memoir 'The 1997 Masters: My Story'
1997 masters my story all about his unforgettable run when he became the youngest masters winner ever. Welcome. Thank you so much. 20 years ago. Hard to believe. Hard to believe because I was there. I was there. And do you know for when you look back at that green jacket, a 21-year-old what goes through your mind. My clothes didn't fit. So baggy. It was a different era but it was hard to believe that, you know, I was able to pull that off and there's so much great stories and great memories from that week, that I share with everyone in the book. Not only pull it off you won a 12 stroke, unheard of. We have a great picture of you after the tournament when you fell asleep. Yeah, show this picture of when tiger fell asleep. Look at you, man. That's not about falling asleep. I celebrated. I love that. You put yourself to sleep in a certain way. I was reading a book yesterday. One thing I loved about the book it's so much about your father and a lot of the lessons he taught you and reminds me about the relationship with my father. For you all the things your father taught you what are some of the most memorable? I think that well care and share, you gout of what you put into it. There's so many things he taught me over the years. I actually still pass on to my kids and being present with my kids. My dad would always make sure when we talked he'd never sat above me. Always made sure he was eye level and always talked to me, not down to me and I always did the same thing, kneel down and make sure we're the same level it's amazing the bond you can build that and my dad that with me and I'm trying to do it with my kids. Little small things like that. Speaking of kids when you were -- you were on "The Mike Douglas" show when you were a tiny tot hitting golf balls. I mean, look at this. What do you think of that swing? What about that hair? It was about the hair. Serious hair. Did you think you had game back then. I didn't know. I'm 2. So I don't know anything but only thing I remember from that show was the amount of food in the back room. I've never seen that much food in my life and it was eye opening. And I know you battled some injuries recently and you've had to pull out of some tours. Do you think you'll play and get a chance to play in the masters. God, I hope so. I'm trying everything to get back and try to play. I love that event. It's meant so much to me, the first major I ever played back in '95 and so -- As a college student. As a college student so it has so much history and meaning to me that I love to get back. You've had so many challenges but you think physically or mentally you're able to get back to the point where you can compete on a consistent basis. I need to get back physically. I know that the mind is sharp. I just need to get the body willing to do it. That's the hard part is getting the prep time in and I haven't been able to get as much prep time in. Hadn't been Vrabel to train like I used to, practice like I used to so it's been harder and, you know, my priorities have changed a lot. My kids now dominate nye life and, you know, I think that's a good thing. I think everybody is hoping and wishing you'll compete in the masters because it makes it that much better. Really does. And -- Thank you. You write about your secret weapon, the cocoon of concentration. What is that? I just get into my own little zone, my own little world and there really is nothing that is outside of that. I get so dialed into what I'm doing that it feels like time slows down and I feel very comfortable in that moment. It's crazy to kind of I guess be in that position but -- it feels like -- whether it's a zobrist or you perceive it different ways. It may be happening quick but is happening slowly and it's neat. Slow for you and fast for everybody else. You better get into that because I want to challenge you to a putting contest. Come on, buddy. Let's go do this. We got our judges here. Okay. This may be a little one for you. I just need one club. 30 seconds on the club. Six balls. What was that? Nothing. Sara and Jesse, you're our judges. Despite having a lot of experience on the golf course we're providing color commentary and talk in our golf whispers. Do we have to whisper. Putters, get ready. Don't screw this up, Michael. Pressure. Putt. All right. Right away. Michael Strahan. Oh my gosh. Not so hard, Michael. Less, less, woe. You know. Don't sound so disappointed in me. You're tied right now. Aim for the hole now. Putting with a 5 iron. Ooh. Michael. That's three for Michael. Tiger oh. Time is up. And it is a -- wait, wait.

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{"id":46243478,"title":"Tiger Woods discusses his new memoir 'The 1997 Masters: My Story'","duration":"5:41","description":"The golfing legend reflects back on his remarkable career in his new book. ","url":"/GMA/video/tiger-woods-discusses-memoir-1997-masters-story-live-46243478","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}