Tips to Avoid Feeling 'Off' During Your Workouts

A Wall Street Journal article found that eating simple, carb-centric foods are the best before a hard workout.
3:25 | 09/03/14

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Transcript for Tips to Avoid Feeling 'Off' During Your Workouts
We're going to talk about gym workouts. You've all had slumps but one of the top stories on the "Wall Street journal" website a few tips on how to avoid off days. Eat simple and carb centric foods before attacking a workout. That cuts against the low carb die W carbdie wetcarb D diets we talked about. Avoid alcohol before -- What are you laughing at. Try to maintain a healthy sleep and exercise routine. That makes a lot of sense. Switch up your workouts from getting bored and if you have a bad day it's going to happen. Yeah. At times your weigh just feel like they weigh a thousand pounds. Switch it up so you don't get bored. That no alcohol thing does make a lot of sense. Even though you laughed at it. You scoffed at it. Before your big tennis match, come on. Also this morning, as summer many coulds it a close and students head back to school lots are seeing fall as a time to start fresh. "Shape" magazine is sharing a few pointers for how to make your own autumn resolutions. Similar to new year's resolutions but tart in September. Experts say fall is a more natural time to get serious about -- A grgree with that. Start with an early bedtime. Trying out new activities and I agree because you think -- hard when the school season starts. I just told my kids, you guys are going to bed earlier and I am too starting tonight. I want them to go to bed earlier. They're going to stay up later an I'm going to bed earlier. It's like it's two times a year I can fail at my resolutions. Oh, no, no. I always make them. They say that January you could reassess. Oh, okay. Great idea. Reassess, ah. I'll concentrate on reassessing. That you are. We want to know what your autumn resolution is. Tweet us using the #socialsquare. Let's hear from you. Mine is I won't drink 48 hours before any physical activity. How about that? Also on our "Heat index," people are getting real kicks out this. A serious sneaker reboot featured in "The New York times." Check these out. At first glance they look just like your average tennis shoe but they're made out of tyvek which is like paper. They're making tennis shoes out these and entering the fashion world. Environme environmentally friendly. It's lightweight. It's water resistant and it's relatively sturdy. I was going to ask do they give an idea how long it lasts. About a year. They do not suggest running in these. Yeah, but if you want to look good and walk around -- They look nice. What size are those? If they fit you -- because I'm not getting my foot cut off to get into that thing? Size 10. All right then. There you go. Thank you very much. Thank you. We've got -- I actually -- I actually wondered when they're going to start making dresses or suits out of that. I actually would like a suit out of that. One for me and one for George. You wait on that. Okay. Fashion forward, George. That's where we're going.

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{"id":25227113,"title":"Tips to Avoid Feeling 'Off' During Your Workouts","duration":"3:25","description":"A Wall Street Journal article found that eating simple, carb-centric foods are the best before a hard workout.","url":"/GMA/video/tips-avoid-feeling-off-workouts-25227113","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}