Tips to Keep Your Dog Happy and Well-Behaved

Greg Kleva helps celebrate responsible pet ownership month with helpful advice.
3:00 | 02/27/14

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Transcript for Tips to Keep Your Dog Happy and Well-Behaved
February is responsible pet ownership months so. Besides how to take pictures of our dogs there are a few more things we should know my microphone is falling here she. -- irresponsible owner might -- the yeah. -- -- They're pretty scary thought people everywhere peninsula to keep our dogs feeling good here we have Greg Cleveland here where Jack. -- -- Hello Jordan hundred. -- -- -- spending horns. You know what he really likes let's show you from Italy next few nuggets well I met -- girl here he's not do and it definitely don't. Like that -- -- -- -- Kelly good all day long form of Ali what he will do -- so. Just this tell us what's so with a monument on how do we keep -- and use of stimulants yeah a lot of pet owners don't consider the value of mentally stimulating their dogs but if you exercise your -- -- -- gonna reduce -- to keep the -- out of trouble so. You can just click on games with your dogma teaching them the name of his toys take one of his toys and referred to a binding -- -- the dog real excited about it your your funny here's your money. They don't repeat that over a period of time with individual toys and then put all the -- together. How the dog go get your -- NC house party really is I call them all baby so that's not very stimulating brain individual names street -- -- -- that. Next month I'm an -- me saying if an owner okay. No but some grooming can be huge expects -- -- -- -- you -- the capsule a group has not just about the appearance of the dog there are health benefits to grooming. And you can do without shedding big bucks yourself so. You know you want to make sure that -- a lot of dollars are concerned that shedding or grooming his unit may -- from their house dirty yes and and -- dead -- he's a better for sure that so they don't do and that's not good for the pet so that there -- products out that they can help you keep your house clean. Like -- masters pet protect carpet. This has -- built in stain resistance that -- just have to be ashamed -- accidents happen. And also it has -- -- -- -- easily released the pet hair when you're vacuuming. And it goes like rubber glove thing you can pull right up all kinds of great tools and products it should be used for grooming her telling -- that it is important for their -- as well as a way they look. Now another question and I'm just can take this as a move as a mommy. Seatbelt because I don't taken in the car much but I understand there is a reason to buckle up pet travel safety is important just as important for our dogs as it is for us. -- you know you want to make -- that is protected they can become a distraction in the car they can cause an accident or certainly they can get hurt in the case of accidents so. You know you can protect your dog by putting an and a crate or carrier in the car you can attach it to the seat belt with great have a harness like -- wearing here. Com if -- pick up truck trip I ever do not figure dog in the back -- -- loose. -- -- -- Dogs hang your head up the undone and -- -- their little they'll fall so. That's a lot of I didn't ban on their face a lot of people don't know -- about that but it's important that they you consider I've protections of the gloves and the dolls. And it's important they have the right idea he's right absolutely -- your pet is a must. Eight -- even if it's as simple as attacked and as a dog's name and phone number. An address on it. You can microchip your pet for an added layer protection to make sure or ensure that they're going to be returned safely if they are lost. There's even GPS devices like -- the -- tracker. Objects has dishonest collier attach -- to the collar. He set -- a virtual boundary around -- yard and if the dog breaches that boundary it'll send you an alert yourself -- computer. Finally know that the dog is is out of its property and they don't help you track the dog as well. Those technologies can help amazing yes so show some bureau training tips so I get training that the book is great you know you want to make sure your dog is has basic obedience -- and is a good canines citizen. So you could just a basic -- sign -- for obedience classes sit stay come walking he'll. Even -- training so that Jack's here. To. Fuel and Honolulu I actually. -- -- It doesn't have to go around. The go through it nice and easy he doesn't have tips for bullying it's it's it's a fun way to bond with your patents. Just kidding I'm sure you -- -- I that would and it's hurting him. So wanted to show how he just turns over the consensus so we'll see if you know -- -- -- -- -- What are you really do your research -- the perfect fit their hold on the law. An immediate needs of the immediately when I first met -- You know it certainly stepped up right. Not the idea that -- -- the you don't want. I'm so not doing -- yeah.

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{"id":22697945,"title":"Tips to Keep Your Dog Happy and Well-Behaved","duration":"3:00","description":"Greg Kleva helps celebrate responsible pet ownership month with helpful advice.","url":"/GMA/video/tips-dog-happy-behaved-22697945","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}