Tips Pour in Amid Search for 'Affluenza' Teen

Ethan Couch is on the run with his mom after he was granted probation for killing four people while driving drunk.
4:35 | 12/21/15

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Transcript for Tips Pour in Amid Search for 'Affluenza' Teen
nationwide manhunt for Ethan couch. The Texas tk teen who killed four people while driving drunk and got probation. He's run away with his mom. Authorities investigating. Tips are pouring in after they released this poster. Nancy grace is here to weigh in az after gio Benitez reports. Reporter: U.s. Marshals releasing this wanted poster and anouning a $5,000 reward for the fugitive teen who killed four people while driving drunk in 2013. His mother, Tonya, believed to be on the run with him. Just declared a missing person by the d.a.'s office. I firmly believe they're together. We're going to do everything we can to prosecute her. Reporter: Ethan, who had been sentenced to ten years of probation, failed to show up a week ago. This video was released. The weather to tagging the local district attorney saying Ethan was violating probation. Prosecutors intend to charge him as an adult. He would be facing up to ten years in prison. Reporter: He's known for using the after flew when da defense. Too rich for jail. Reporter: During sentencing, his legal team saying his rich parents spoiled him for year, never teaching him his actions had consequences. When was the last time you recall disciplining Ethan for anything? I don't remember. Reporter: Psychologists backed up that defense, saying Ethan needed rehab, not prison. He has an 80% chance of becoming a full-functioning citizen who pays taxes, who doesn't take from the community. If he goes jail, he has a 10% or 20% chance. Reporter: Now, with the FBI on the case, investigate rrs tracking his passport, family bank accounts, and fielding hundreds of tips. One seasoned bounty hunter says there's only one way to track him down. You have to find the money. You find the end of the money, you find the kid. Reporter: For "Good morning America," gio Benitez. Let's talk to Nancy grace. Now the mom, the focus of the investigation. Yes, she is. And, it's interesting. She has not been charged with any crime, such as harboring a fugitive or aiding aabetting. Important, but subtle distinctions. She's been named officially a missing person. Tonya couch is now in a nationwide database. Where police and authorities all over the country can access her photo. That is critical. Now, if you read between the lines, the district attorney's office is saying there's no indication they've left the country. But they've got the money to do it. I have spoken in depth with a county sheriff. And it's entirely possible that they have left the country. Several of their homes appear to be empty. In fact, in one of them, there's nothing left but a pinball machine. I agree. It's all about the money. Where are they going to live? Like Ethan couch can make a living in Mexico? If they did get out of the country, are they beyond the reach of the law? Oh, absolutely not. The U.S. Marshals, boarder patrol, we have authorities all over the world. Now, granted, he is not a major drug lord or a kingpin. But think about it. Four dead bodies. Another victim left permanently paraly paralyzed. Cannot speak or move. Can only see. A sixth victim, horrible internal injuries. And this guy walked. With straight probation. Boy, it's -- it is stunning. You say the mom has not been charged with anything yet. If they find her, if she's charged, how much trouble could she be in? Oh, she'll be looking at jail time. Now, interesting, the mother and father, they were married, divorced, separated, got back together. They're apart now. But think about it. Where are they going to get the money from him. He owns a very successful sheet metal business. They have to follow that money. That's the way to find them. And another thing, they're laying low on the dad right now. Butky put money on it, they've got him tapped out the yin-yang. I wouldn't put it like that, but I bet you're right. That's a legal technical

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{"duration":"4:35","description":"Ethan Couch is on the run with his mom after he was granted probation for killing four people while driving drunk.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35884003","title":"Tips Pour in Amid Search for 'Affluenza' Teen","url":"/GMA/video/tips-pour-amid-search-affluenza-teen-35884003"}