Tips to Prolong Your Cellphone's Battery Life

An expert says open apps may not be the cause of the drain on your phone's battery after all.
3:08 | 03/18/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tips to Prolong Your Cellphone's Battery Life
a major way but something that matters to everybody. We're talking tech. We've all faced the dead cell phone battery situation when you need it most. You may think that closing all the apps will save some juice. Is it true, though? There's one woman who that can help us all? Becky Worley with the fact check. Reporter: If you value battery life on your phone and who doesn't, swiping up to close all those background apps is crucial, right? Nope. Wait. What? In response to a user e-mail the head of apple's mobile team is stunning the life hacking community with this little bit of info closing apps has no impact on battery life. This has to make a difference. Sorry, it turns out background apps drain hardly any power. It's like they're cryogenically frozen and all we see a picture of the last thing they did. They're not denying the content. Over at android headquarters, aka Google the story is pretty much the same. There is a big myth on phones we have to swipe away applications to save battery and this is just completely not true. Reporter: Both app the and Google have optimized their mobile operating systems to neutralize power hungry apps, in fact -- Swiping them away will cost you possibly more battery than save you battery life. Reporter: There are a few exceptions, gps that's actively popping up turn by turn directions and in some cases music, but you heard it here first, stop the swipe and find new ways to extend your battery life. Okay. Becky Worley in the house right now. So closing apps, does or doesn't help. You heard it from Google and apple. These charged to 100%, this one running 25 different apps and this one isn't and battery life is the same. What is doing it. It's your screen. So, look, let me show you. If you go into the settings you'll see that what we've got here is display and brightness. This is a huge light bulb that sucks power. Turn auto brightness on or turn this all the way -- you know below half, at least. Auto brightness. Can I turn yours down a little. Get it all the way down. I want to save you some battery. So then auto-lock. You don't need your phone to be on for two minutes after you check Facebook so turn that down to 30 seconds. Then notifications, every time they pop up, then they light up your screen so turn that off. This is all in my settings, go to notification, brightness, time lock thing. I've got so many tips. It's all on the website On Yep. Okay, great article by Becky Worley and one last thing, it's not necessarily how fast it's draining, it's how you're charging it. Some of the new devices ten minutes. Nexus, ten minutes plugged in, four hours battery life. That's your next phone. So get -- so you're now a pitchman. Okay. Yes, charging. Extra fast. Check out the article. Ten great tips on how to save your battery. Becky Worley, our tech genius, we thank you.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"An expert says open apps may not be the cause of the drain on your phone's battery after all.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"37732750","title":"Tips to Prolong Your Cellphone's Battery Life","url":"/GMA/video/tips-prolong-cellphones-battery-life-37732750"}