Tips for Tidying Up Holiday Trimming

Lori Bergamotto of Good Housekeeping magazine offers ways to untangle Christmas lights and more.
4:05 | 12/26/14

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Transcript for Tips for Tidying Up Holiday Trimming
And it's the day after Christmas and a lot are returning gifts today but some folks are ready to clean up the house. I have to admit mine is a little bit of a disaster. Looks like something blew up in the house. After you decked the halls not always tidy up in an organized fashion. So what we're going to do is do tree bondage which involves tying this thing up with ropes. Anyway, carry on. We have Lori bergamotto, the style director from "Good housekeeping" magazine. Dan, we'll get to the tree, bondage in a moment but, Lori, what is the first thing we should be doing today? So you want to treat this much like you do a closet cleanout. Things you know you're not going to need, a decoration that didn't go with your 'threat tick, get rid of it 69 anything that's chipped or broken, toss. Anything that you just are not really feeling you can donate it, regift it. Just get it out of your house sflur's cool with regifting. If it's a Christmas decor thing if it's done properly. That's a whole other segment. All the guys were confused. I'm very, very frightened. All of us were intrigued by the belts in the tree. Dan can't wait to get to this. Dan, you're going to help. This is what we'll do -- Does it involve lifting anything heavy? It doesn't so basically if you have an artificial tree and struggle with getting it in the box, it's really hard. We just grabbed some belts. Belts any sizes, ones that have buckles or the d-ring belts and everybody get in here. Paula, this one is yours. Cinch it really tight and then just buckle. Come on, Dan. I got it. Dan, where is your strength? He's showing us up. A man's belt -- Carry on. These are the bane of our existence, lights. I would rather throw them away. You shouldn't throw them out. One that's already done for you here so we took a very sturdy coat hanger and wrapped it around. We'll show you how we got to do this. Okay. Oh, Dan, come here. Okay, so all we did was we secured -- I'll do the first for you. We secured it with duct tape and you'll wrap, you'll wrap around like this and then go all the way up to the neck and then all the way down. Anything like needlepoint because I do that sflur's being timed. I'm doing it right. Once you get to that point you'll take flat boxes and put them in between so that we're not crushing the lights. You don't want to -- You just kind of -- you don't have to finish this one. No, it's okay. On to the next. So what are we doing with beer cartons and tree boxes. This is fun. With the onments a lot throw the boxes out. What you want to do is have you all these extra boxes, shoe box, gift boxes, we love this one. If you hosted Christmas maybe you have a couple of beer cartons, Dan, I'll give you one of these guys. You'll wrap it up. Here you go, Paula. Wrap those up and we'll put them in nice and gently. You can do that. And just stick them right in the little beer carton. I love how resourceful this is reusing a lot of products you have around the house. That's right. And a wreath and another hanger. This was from good good housekeepi housekeeping." Hang it to the bottom of the coat hanger and then you can just put it right in the garbage bag. If you wouldn't mind holing this. This will keep it from getting dusty or smooshed in your closet. We can just get it on the top there. Wonderful. And you can hang this in your closet from a beam in the attic if that's where you keep your decorations. So simple. Voila. Inexpensive. Items you already have around the house. Lori bergamotto, I love your magazine. Keep wrapping. Coming up the cast of the Broadway hit musical "Jersey

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"Lori Bergamotto of Good Housekeeping magazine offers ways to untangle Christmas lights and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27837063","title":"Tips for Tidying Up Holiday Trimming","url":"/GMA/video/tips-tidying-holiday-trimming-27837063"}