Judge Grills Brady, NFL in 'Deflategate' Court Battle

The Super Bowl-winning quarterback is challenging the NFL over his four-game suspension.
3:24 | 08/13/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Judge Grills Brady, NFL in 'Deflategate' Court Battle
The latest round and deflate gate Tom Brady an NFL commissioner Roger McDowell. Facing off in federal court be judged grilling both sides giving the league to admit there is. No so called smoking gun tying Brady to those to play the football ABC's Ryan Smith. Has been tracking this story from the beginning good morning Brian. Good morning Robin deflate gay going from the field to the courtroom commissioner Roger Goodell and Tom Brady letting their lawyers do the talking while the judge pushing for a settlement probing the NFL with tough questions. About their evidence against Brady. And asking Brady's team but why the star destroyed FO. This morning quarterback Tom Brady in NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Mock did a battle over the stars ordained suspension or deflate dean. That heavyweight match up taking place in a New York federal courthouse Wednesday. While Tom Brady was greeted by camera clicks and words of support. And a belt seed Roger Goodell different sort of welcome to judge Richard Herman. Hearing the appeal filed by Brady in the NFL players union saying he's still mulling legal issues in the case but admitting. He's having trouble finding evidence Brady was part of a conspiracy to deflate football's. Saying I'm not sure where the gate comes from and grilling NFL lawyers asking. Is there any direct evidence linking Brady to deflating the league insisting there may not be a smoking gun but there is evidence of culpability. Judge firm and attacked the NFL today and tried to soften up the league. In an effort to see if the league is willing to settle those talks are ongoing. But the judge testing Brady's side to asking the four time Super Bowl champions lawyers why Brady destroyed his cell phone during the investigation his lawyer. Claiming he often gets new phones the protective privacy but conceding it could have been done. In a different way. Their Brady's eligible to play the patriots first pre season game tonight but at the suspension is upheld he won't play in the regular season it's October 18. Now both sides can't reach a settlement in the next six days they'll be back in court next Wednesday to argue their case for another round. But already bruising fight thousand all right Ryan in your report you have those courtroom sketches and Michaels over in the social square now. Those courtroom sketches of Tom Brady. And what do you say to extract this a little bit because you don't know cameras were allowed to courtroom Robin so we relied on sketch artist Jane. Rosenberg didn't build lightning fast drawing the support. Of the accident court which might explain how Tom Brady look like this. Over the quarter mean touched down no pun intended for more than 130000. Mentions. It just twice probably Tweeter sold a lot of creativity here Brady compared to march. From the Adams family. I see the resemblance here you saw profits in the off off the field the famous shot from thriller. I thought it was Michael Jackson edible popular ones so we're and polls in the painting the scream. Probably how Brady felt when he saw the sketch a pair of artists Jay did comebacks he apologized to fans for not making Tom Brady as handsome as he really is such. She truly is an accomplished artist estimated damage to invest about Sunday look at it right and I think tech I think Tom Brady has bigger issues and how he looks and it's getting into I am now it is everywhere online no turning back your buddies dog him who's running the mount Rushmore these it will not. Just add to the list.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"The Super Bowl-winning quarterback is challenging the NFL over his four-game suspension.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33055686","title":"Judge Grills Brady, NFL in 'Deflategate' Court Battle","url":"/GMA/video/tom-brady-nfl-deflategate-court-battle-judge-grills-33055686"}