Tom Hanks on His Role as Captain 'Sully' Sullenberger

5:33 | 09/06/16

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Transcript for Tom Hanks on His Role as Captain 'Sully' Sullenberger
Here now one of Hollywood's brightest. And most beloved stars of all time Tom Hanks is movie. There alone the allied pilots can I just say this is like doing an interview with a bag of chocolate and shot. Everybody is kind of like hustle and scream and the company removing furniture. Controlled Keolalai loved working OK I gotta go online for taxicabs to get to my next dinner and. You lord. You are a little pilot that miracle. Landing Omaha you know why do we and we did a fake virgin of that. And was really just it merely is habitat to lose lose Camille Little red Steagall aren't here yet. No real after thirty seconds in the best awarded two purple ball yeah. Yeah yeah. Her eight. There any. This is the captain. Braced for an. You have my playing hard and play hard not to call the movie in the ring. Little ninjas that you think terrorists are involved in this country particularly. But Sally is their right name for all you really isn't new embody everything about. This man just boring now this happened in January 2000 and what you think the timing is is now for the little bit of about well I think it. For you know firm larger philosophical reasons I think it takes a look at the social contract we have with our institutions some. You know these mirrors that that you that are supposed to happen when you go to the airport. And you have a ticket you get on a plane and you fly from LaGuardia to Charleston, South Carolina. The worst thing that is supposed to happen is that you lose your suitcase or you spill coffee on Neil. You're the you're supposed to be able to have faith in a guy and a crew men and women who come monetary sit back and we'll get you there without any problems. A problem came up but they still got bin one form or another not I'm here and I think that's always. It's always a good American lessons on how that we can have faith in our institution so if you also a concern about the 155 souls. All aboard do you know this I sought. From my apartment. I was the second caller to 911. That morning we have it so Rockwell drilling again. Into the Hudson River. You let me and my god. Is I saw at any of the voting mistake that I made that wasn't a crash landing now there was an emergency landing force water landing running to very very acoustic. But but he has a good show you saw you saw a commercial airline plane flying low over the skyline of hadn't so what did you thing I thought 9/11 valued at about cats and look what happened instead I think the amazing thing about the movie and what's so we did was what was avoided. New York City in America did not need to see another wrecked plane and New York City needed a story like this I think the timing you could tell him it was great time yeah. Yeah just the mustache a momentary thing that mustache that you wore for so I read your good your wonderful my my wife is so sick of the mustache error of my career that. It's like the first question she asked again honey I'm gonna start a job about six weeks pieces does this mean you're gonna have to grow facial hair again I. I say first of all come down I can't actually the good news it will be candid white every day so there's there's advantages did it looked great little. I'm following and social media you are like this lost and found a mile a loser Dina I'm a view that's coming glob that I. All -- yes yes. That well I actually. It's kind of like a comment and transient society are the one that the Israelis that's going to I would so I would I don't know it's up to but it took a picture of a spatula in Times Square. And I decide who. And yeah there's a story behind that lows and Angela and you know it's a mystery that I am I must solve all you've got to get into it got to get to the bottom Leavitt veteran you don't we have coming up here on. The Montel. You came this close to having America's sweethearts reunited and. Yeah. Whatever the region in the market let's let's have. Hot dogs that thing by the players with a deal that could go together. Look at her fantastic day indeed it is factually you know word of the Rodriguez bachelor and Joseph. Yeah. I just want to have something that this is so surreal that you see that Bubba Gump shrimp company right back. Used to be my bank where I look at. If you had told me in 1977. When I'm trying to catch 47 dollars of that Jack. From somebody who doesn't want to give me that catch. I would let could've said hey this is gonna be a restaurant based on my remove. Everybody let's go get free appetizers on me. Let go back could tell yeah. I don't know the surprises I want to meet them. Everyone we'll die we'll maintenance around thank you very much can put him on the payroll have been here. Another guy with a gap it is not about not. All right get it taken over the pyramid we'll be right back.

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