Tom Hanks on Why He Doesn't Watch His Old Movies

Hanks appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about his new role as famed pilot Chesley Sullenberger in the new film "Sully."
22:47 | 09/09/16

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Transcript for Tom Hanks on Why He Doesn't Watch His Old Movies
So if story did a great day. To be remembered for a very little time on. But delivered a million passengers over forty years and but in the end I'm going to be judged on 206. Toss ended today. Confusions of review or a can opener which. Hello everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to pop on. Where we tell you what is happening in the and I'm saying now there's a movie called Sally which kicks off the fall film season I think on the highest note it possibly. Could be kicked off. It's directed by Clint Eastwood and my guests they Tom Hanks. A new comer our current found somewhere. And as cattle him overnight as overnight overnight since I went to sleep in 1970 cent a. I I'm so often it was nice to say it would you hit a milestone time sixty I turned you hit a mafia don't like that that means people even talk about selling. You are now possessed of wisdom. That you can share with. People away evil he's what you don't know what happened that day where you lol. Lol -- ago that he the OK well because. It's it's registered because we have this would what you would call this movie will Sully is the perfect name it he's just so much the man. But 208 seconds of a fly you know force water landing. Brace for impact you know. It's a day it was a day in which everything went wrong and then everything went right. And it. Selling himself as yes he's one of the most. He is the most practical human being I've ever met on the planet you don't want to say unflappable because it doesn't do justice to flaps. He he's an extraordinary guy. Who. Did an extraordinary thing totally by way of his C news in DNA and muscle memory. And 4000. Hours of of of line. Well he did all that of course I was asking you what wisdom came when he turned sixty all your turned into the cell like turning turning to tip well I'd bet that it just went in all because here's the there's always an achievement yes I don't know anything man has started all over. From square one I'm do you think you learned lessons. There it it's gone man it's obsolete lessons home external navy captain Sullenberger rulers something. Six. It's funny because he's going back through because of the movies coming out news. You know based in part on certain honest book but all on his experience. And he he has to embrace you know the white hot. Spotlight of attention again. And the first I met him I'm actually Menem met at the academy at Academy Awards party. Has the the event took place on the fifteenth of January was still very much on the on. We gotta have you appeared generally acceptable lot of invitations. That sort of like celebrated what he had done assortment amity and which in which was about. 56 weeks after the and you immediately said I must play you know I asked for and Harry Hamlin traffic and didn't he and his wife Laurie. A no I never would have thought that the pictures were more and more. It's and we eat tight. The 98 minutemen crazy tight and we're in and it's not a bile pick in the traditional thing where we see you going through all his life. Now that I think there's a cup it's all about. I guess it's all about why you go back to see when he first flew me you all tell anybody I've talked to who isn't it true aviator park and I'm you know I've played Jim global via astronaut side and captain Phillips your. I'm in the camp between the mustaches in the count him finger have a lot of these hallmark they had on an area Welbourn Greta must act. I had my mustache had to be painted white everyday because there's no way in order did he can't died mustache and that way. But these guys who were flyers. They all had this moment where they flew for the first time usually is young people had and it gives it altered their. Consciousness of what it is to be alive and and you know sell it so it was like that he flew once and that was it. When people have said to me the UC cell. Invincible what did they do the site showed that have. And the movie has so much going on. In terms of the investigation that happens. And we're not for it when I met so I sent him an investigation is it in your book you you know. And he said because it hadn't happened he wrote the book and within within six months after the event and the investigation actually took. The better poured a year. They were in complete. Limbo is forced to what was going to beat the findings and cases. He did they gave multiple depositions and every it was business as it was you could yet. And all they could do was answer the questions and compare their recollections to do the actual record that was on display. And they had no idea whether or not they were gone to be. They could have been found. That they've done something wrong. Or that they had missed. Place to step or something in which case their careers and reputations. Ruined. Yet so it was it was about a year of sleepless nights and he wouldn't have gotten attention he wouldn't get anything mrs. a lost his house and it it's an unknown story since it isn't in the book as you explain because he wrote it right. Right people people do not understand that second act of the story yeah now. A lot of times media's interest in an act to factory. All. Only this kind of based on this man depending on his experience or forty years as upon. While whimsy the investigation they depend on computers immediately. Among other things yes that is true amended bid they had. Other pilots lie computer simulations. Of the incident and they were able to make safe landings at LaGuardia and Newark and Huber. But there was a substantial thing missing from that from those simulations which us let's call it common sense. You know when you even Beirut. They walked in the simulators knowing what they needed to do. Jeff and Sally did not even paid they had to process an awful lot of information. In. Their in the happen and it. But I think he defended on the fact that you have done for so long. That you've learned something that a computer can't. Really think it's that because where you know I'm an idiot actors in his house and asking these questions about. Well what what are you know what it what you experience. What would do to go what was a thought process. And let's bring much like my yeah well I'm in April. What particularly you know let's check the appropriate currently Wear them. It's he's such. His body in his muscle memory and the pressure of his years. Cents. The rate of descent it since the angle of like its sense of the air speed and it. All of this none of this required him to look at gauge or number or one of the instrument panels that what was going on. He sought. And he felt it and it was a moment when he realized. This plane is not going to make it back to LaGuardia we are not reveal the land Peterborough is no way we're making it work I need to find it wide flat. Safe place two to land use plan. And actually Atlantic waters while most dangerous things you intend to do an airplane as as you can tell by looking at your average YouTube video and plans drawn more. But we see we see the people of New York coming up to him when he basically touched for claw here. You have. Well yes but for the dinner pick their way in the banquet here at that time is of the celebrity thing. This ever bigger equipment and real this is same as actual achievement you know. You know I would I put on other people's clothes and pretend to do so things I'd never done and where that's a little bit at. But you know I'm not gonna discount the power of the cinema because I've the second thing you know. I'm a fan mail to icy icy people attack me if he said it is in the movies I'm sorry but you're extraordinary human being. Because you got paid to make this movie so. The Sully however. Look you know you can't say enough about all that the real deal you know that he that he. That I balled this guided it through and and the areas in the last. You it's it's it's it's that funny thing yours to active life you were ten feet tall you know when I first met Sally. And I would have onion were about the same hi I'm Nancy you. You you you should be chiseled in stone and I should be looking up to you it's because of what you did. And he of course won't. Relate to that kind of now at all he just one gets it he understands it but the you know he'd he'd he'd process all things still a false view as an actor. To get that across an aunt while you know in. I must say Todd who wrote the screenplay. And and the boss himself the big man Lebanese woman babe did bring focus to it yo ma I think my job is the actors to. Inhabit. And I understand all the motivations and which is a different game it's way different gig because we it's not in the dial. No it's not and that's and that's where you get looked you can explain anything with words but there's this other. On the present happiness that bet you that you have to be of the cares somehow in the demeanor and he bears. There's there's some days. When the process of making movies is an aide. To that to capped making that Memphis but there's other moments where few you cannot you can't say it. It is asked to be there. Because the only thing that's happening it is now. Your exes and notes are being captured on flash card and they don't do for you know like. No no amount no amount of no matter green screen can communicate the bird. And I I must say that that. I don't know how. Somebody like silly can entertain a guy like me for a few hours. And because I come in and say look cell. Sorry. I do now deal with it it's critical of white hair and say I'll Don my hair I'll do Walt that don't you worry about that you'll have white bear them. My crack team of visual enhancement technicians will give me whiteman air and but I'm gonna say and should never said I'm gonna do they never did I'm going to be in rooms you weren't in. I'm gonna think things probably out of out of sorts but. Regardless of that I wanna be is what abuse true it's possible and I think you can probably out of the house you know. But understand what the process either Egypt in the EP and S sandwich there. I'm Laurie the only they optical put down this. I'm but the but. His willingness to somehow find find the vocabulary. To communicate to me what what those feelings what those whose work sometimes it's about very tangible things such as his pension. You know without his pension he loses his house without his pitches his its girls can't you know pursue their you know pursue their lives. And that that's a pipe you can understand that then a long where that also goes with the concept of of reputation as well the helplessness of trying to explain the unexplainable. You know I he. On. Took a look at this like. 22 of the ridiculous and sublime deet tails he like this I thought Todd in the screenplay. Had solely buying it to sandwich from the girl at the tuna sandwich Stan. Because he wanted to show cell is being an Everyman who's you know knew everybody in the in in this in the 18 it legacy. And he says now and so is it now by iTunes which because they don't fetus on the plane so the only doesn't feed their quietly. All right that alters the true Opel what you think being an airline the glamour being an airline pilot goes and you know what is it and Tom that three dollars. And fifty cents sandwiches. Was soggy and was lost on the Hudson that day. And that's not achieve certain you know so that's one aspect of it the other thing that he ended it fair to me was like how information could yet. Ludwig will be decided by the NTSB. About how the left engine still had priced at how can that be so obviously. And he explained this arcane thing to me about the timing of transponders. Transmitting the information to a place that is not part of the aircraft control but as in a building somewhere in Boston how that 32. So is between all of those kind of like. Understandable human details of tuna sandwiches and and completely arcane engineering Pete you know and about transponders in and the timing of it. You realize it's just how. What's the word I'm looking for help for a trial news. The truth as it is communicated in the final record. There's a lot of interpretations of what did and what did not happen and why. And because he's got the four stripes on his sleeve he's the guy has to answer. I'm just wondering if there was a particular aspect of playing so. That you be worried about that you sell yourself. Can I do this well there's there's certainly a question of rabbit talks you know cute kid he can't you inhabit the uniform and can't. Can you communicate the confidence at the top of you know and my job and really is an artist is to find as many like small little deet tails it communicated such cat. He always walks the plane from an end before it before he always checks out everything he checks out things lie Nell alive. Our. Is this seat belt tucked away so far that the passenger won't be able. You know he sweats those brand those Brent is in the details. Because look what it's a movie a move for 36 days which is a pretty quick shooting schedules that. We we essentially tried to capture in. 92. In increments of the truth of what happened that day. And if you don't capture as much truth as you as you can and those ninety's sex and that means you're letting them that something fall through the cracks and you might be telling a lie. And if you're gonna go often and embrace the lie that you tell I'm sorry that's a certain about it corporate you know. Against everybody who actually are actually lived it whether it's. The guide who is on the you know whose name is the title of the movie. Or the lady with a baby who was trying you know who got off the plants. I don't I don't mean to you know be blowing smoke at you by saying that what you're doing in this movie I think's remarkable. As I was shocked the end and when I saw that you have been nominated for an Oscar sin cast the aren't you don't get later. I don't know why did I could it. My job plenty of perks that go along with I can still go to those things you know he could still go you. But when you before the board governor Clinton or look at those things award nominated for being in the first. This circus atmosphere of this I mean look if there's a million intangibles of what happens when all of those all of those names that come out. And what you can always you can always understand. Cary Grant was never nominated for him. Now is that is that right it's just wrong way and you being on the board of governors. You should have wrecked. I think part of ocean you should've done now on I think I'm looking at you like the public who sees you in the movies would look and today. You know the eight Philadelphia. Forrest Gump. Saving Private Ryan. Castill. Plus a million other things that happen do you go back and look at what that. Middle no I think that's a horrible mistake and stay well because you'd you'd never leave never learned what to do you only sort of learned what not to do you know and and the thing about looking at the old movies is they don't change. Did the same. I can if you put up a scene from almost anything I can tell you about the day package about the discussion we had before we shot. About the problems that we can to what happened by accident. Give evil a philosophy. But the technology in the serendipity of whatever it is that that is that is that shot and you have to have faith in that going into. A you have to embrace it who knows what's going to happen let's see the movies don't always go because we live in the world we're watching movies on phones and we're doing and it always exist. Back to you are splash is now being remain. That Channing Tatum. Right now. Is that they do like one of the project and the idea myself as an audit of the activity to let up. Happen. To you you're talking about the movies that worked at worm breaks I can do the same thing for the movie to disappeared without a trait they'd. There's it's it's one of those lot of fun action and disappeared. That you really I don't care about the blocks that look look if you if you love movies I. The only movie mind I've watched multiple times was cloud atlas. Because I just thought we broke every single rule and working with swisher out visas weeded and Tom taper it was perhaps the greatest artistic moviemaking experience. Itself so well that took him out. Now it was I mean I just because of what was demanded of us and how we all had to work and now with everybody was playing six different role. But the point is that the movies exist in their own world and the exits that are absolutely forever even though because your your love that your expertise. There are movies. That when they came out. Disappeared without a Trace and thirty years later someone sees them again and realized as a whole county I can't believe it this movie was made. And and also. This movies that were. Huge massive. Monster. Hits and you see them now and their Asian museum pieces that don't talk to the human condition has been well that's what got it well that's what that's what art is at the end but you know I would always I want people out there to go look at punch line I think probably that that rate than it was a fun yet on very on. What you do something else attack came at the same year's big did you know. But I mean I'd I'm sitting here with this popcorn which I'd you know because he didn't get nominated for captain. Four or war all but out so you get to take this home if you do you really. But as you know this show you probably don't know. And in song always and I mean the last time from when you were playing walked as well god how big but. Now ICI going to war with congress or other Asia and just do it again the easy on them yet. Justin Bieber true as it. Is it that they say no this test beat Tom. It was thought I was actually talking to the management team of Carvey rate dips in court and only happened at the end him you know innocent people. And my wife was a big fan cards right and he's. We're trying to get something like so and so to be and it so why eight. At a dual. Let's go down and he just go down and do it. And it was it was a blast. And that was hard work Rosenblatt and your lips thinking and it's always definitely off there could Doumit out of competition to contests that. Embarrassed. You're trying to hear you know through this little earpiece that place. Picketers I don't know it just seemed to post a lot of the movies man yet if the magic but I just want a little bit song from. What's on it could be anything time you know. You're married to read what I am indeed making these incredible. UCD yet agree. When she does the stats you look at to live lobster man I'm like. I'm like Johnny stage door you just like waiting I'm just I'm just guide outer lip gloss in my pocket and coaches and asked me in the port deal I cut lip gloss. Doctor do you regret I have a song. And let her do this sick economists when it's geared to children in the dog did really with the ideas. Well what's an okay I'll. Retort was that they would exit but he dude our own client. It was it's when you go to Disney World and it's now Wyman forgetting here. But it's even if every here is at a Maryland and so long years ago was written by the Sherman all in all it's a great big beautiful tomorrow that it has been to the cares of the progress that it's a great big beautiful them on a roll which. On the African believe this thing that you do party at the and in every way they wrote this for the general electric corporation. Little bit and corporate factories anything. But it's a great big beautiful tomorrow and tomorrow is just that way man has agreement at the start he follows history month and hard. And when it becomes a reality. It's a dream come true for you and me yet it's a great page views them. Starting at the end of ever heard Tom Hanks. Leaders agreed to beautiful it is a great way beautiful. Starting at the end sellers cardigan and banking my playing.

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{"duration":"22:47","description":"Hanks appears on \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" to talk about his new role as famed pilot Chesley Sullenberger in the new film \"Sully.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41979096","title":"Tom Hanks on Why He Doesn't Watch His Old Movies","url":"/GMA/video/tom-hanks-watch-movies-41979096"}